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Sorry about the door knobs, the shiny ones on the ground or the ones wearing the bowler hats I ask because I'd take the money. Toogood Mr. St James to good. Then Buren says before forcing a fake laugh. Let me get these doorknobs out of your ways so that you may safely travel through. Emotions for the brother with both his legs still intact to pick up the door knobs. I feel like killing this motherfucker right here now for giving me a shitty fake laugh, but killing a president son would only bring down the fury. Now that I know is really here I need to fucking strategize. I'd sit my hat Ryol cer- my pistols hopping back on my Steed. Oh, and that bullshit I said about not starting off my day with a drink and a horse, so I can look for a job as I see out the fucking window. Now I can read the one adds that the horror house while getting blown enjoying a whiskey, thanks to this new found Jack time to Mosey on down to the slim, just walking in and smelling the prostitution reminds me how much I miss it. When I coach the up to the bar, I notice row after row of gold, slogger bottle stocked on the shelves. There's no other bottle of any kind of liquor incite. It's all gold slogger looking around the few patients scattered about all. Sier gold flakes everyone's glasses, and they're all drinking. It's I will Manuel over. You had a good shit from these dirtbags gimme a whiskey man. Well. Can't street the slogger brothers bought my bar and there liquors all Minolta serve. Why did you sell it to them? I really didn't have much of a choice then burned in the share of made me sign it over owner, kill to me being an Indian and all they said I could still work here and that they wouldn't kill me as long as I tell people, I'm Mexican well taken almost all your land in this country. So there shouldn't be too much of a shack, I guess. Sorry, Manny. I'll tell you what bring me a glass of that shit to whatever bedroom I walk into back there. I don't want any of them to see me drinking that unicorn pissing public Manuel nods is I pick out a whore and walk back into open bedroom. I pulled out my pants and sit down in an old rocking chair inside the room before reading the paper. The herreid shows is one of my regulars a sweet natured girl named Clair, who knows not to start straddling me mmediately. Do you want me to go down on you. She politely asks, no, I just want to sit in this chair, let my junk era out for a bit while I read, why don't you take off your clothes and crochet on the Bedford few she strips imposes set of crochet hooks out of nightstand drawer next to the bed. While I scan the one adds, the only people hiring the slogger brothers and their various businesses. The local wagon wash is hiring, but there's no way I'm cleaning huge chunks of a horse shit people's wagons men well walks in what my glass of liquor and puts it on the table next to me when he sees what's happening, he tries to leave quickly, but I don't let him. I enjoy making people feel awkward and pretending I don't know that it's awkward for them. Maybe I do have a little gypsy in me. Men will do the schlager brothers own every single business in this town. Now. Oh, most the only one they don't own empty lot next to them. John. What place is that I ask is I fold my paper, tuck it underneath my scrotum. You know the place next to where they feed dead people to their pigs, to get rid of bodies for people who don't wanna pay for funerals. Love that place. They serve exquisite, squirrel, dick there on sticks while you watch the bodies being eaten. Wouldn't know about that. I saw your chinamen over there working the other days. I passed him on the way in. He lost a couple more teeth that happens when they're made out of mud. Perhaps I'll stop buying him visit by the way you wanna watch me, screw. You have to pay extra for that..

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