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And the president set to tour Manville in just a few hours. Meanwhile, Massachusetts is lending a helping hand to Louisiana as search and rescue crews work to help the victims of Hurricane Ida or James Row houses more from Lee, Massachusetts to Louisiana 10 firefighters from Linfield, Carlisle and Dalton are gearing up and shipping out. This is a very significant but unusual response. Peter Ostrovsky is the Massachusetts state Fire marshal. He says This is the first time in his memory that fire personnel from the Commonwealth have been asked to help respond to another state's medical And fire emergencies. They'll be providing local service and it's you know, it's a classic bias service response in mutual aid just much further distance traveled, the crew will be down south for two weeks. This is something new. I'm sure for all these local first responders. James RoHaas WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, West. Wildfires Rage on And progress has been made over the weekend. Mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted for 22,000 residents out in South Lake Tahoe, California summer, returning home to a smoky ghost town. However, the Cal door fire is not done is still burning areas of the Sierra Nevada. It's now about 48% contain areas south of the lake, including the Kirkwood ski resort remained battlefields more than 5000 fire personnel. Still working to contain this weather is stubborn. It's a factor. Crews are watching for wind and rain that could produce lightning that could spark some spot fires. Well, a young mud on the North Shore is getting a second chance at life and a brand new name. WBC's Tina Girl with the update. 27 year old Elias Pacheco Osario is in court today charged for abandoning a pit bull mix on short beach and revere late last month, According to state police, the animal was left to the mercy of the next high tide. The investigation included surveillance video from the area as well as a couple who happened to have car issues and heard the dogs whimpers. The dog was change. To a steel rod along the shoreline. He also had a sick metal chain around his neck with a heavy rock attached, preventing him from escaping, state police say during certain parts of the day, this portion of the beach is completely submerged. With the tide rises. The dog was at risk of drowning in a matter of hours if he hadn't been found, Carmelo is now being cared for at Ocean View Kennels in Revere and getting plenty of treats for being a good boy. Teen Eagle WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's 10 50 WBZ NewsRadio looks back as we turn 100 Risi 10 30. This guy made it look easy. Dave Meinert is spreading the word. He's an old horse right about Boston's number one morning show a minute. I thought they had me in another commercial. No, it's a piece of the iconic piece of cake commercials made Dave Meinert a household name. He would want to try the stumps. Not a lot of people would have done that. Director Bill, I'd lot put him through the paces with Dave hanging off the hell Helicopter and hanging out with a tiger. The commercials a huge hit. We're at the point where we can actually have guest stars like Robert Parish, Richard Simmons and Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Thanks for the help Mark. Basic. Dave Maynard ate it up and Bill I'd lot struggle. They made me to.

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