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We've been serious there. We'll have a smooth transition, and we'll see what the people ultimately decided when all the votes have been cast. We have a process breath Constitution lays out how electors vote. It's a very detailed process laid out waiting to comply with all of that, and that I am very confident that we will have a good transition. And, of course, that set the hair on fire of some of the reporters who cover the White House, including the guy from CNN, who probably is one of the rudest reporters ever to work. The White House beat. Cut. Six. Please rob. It is such a hope against all hopes that this is going to work out the president's favor that even people inside the campaign believe it's over. You even had the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, saying earlier today and you played this just a short while ago that they're going to make a smooth Transition to a second Trump administration ATT. This point is, it is just extraordinary here. The secretary of state really sounding like Baghdad, Bob at this point To President Trump Saddam Hussein. Hey, He has a great sense of humor that that guy's butt. But again, he's when Pompeo is pushed when he's pushed. He's not willing to utter the words that Again. You can understand as Donald Trump's secretary of state. Hey, Well, let me just play Cut five. But again, I think he makes a mistake by talking by by by invoking the phrase A smooth transition to a second Trump administration. But this has cut 51 more clarification. You believe there's widespread voter fraud that the reports that we're getting from Pennsylvania from Michigan? Shall we vote totals and NASA leads or significant leads? 99% reporting are going to be overturned and the United States failed to conduct a fraudulent free election rich on the secretary of state. I'm getting calls from all across the world. These people are watching our election. They understand that we have a legal process. They understand that this takes time, right? Took us 37 plus days in election back in 2000. Conductive, successful transition. Then I'm very confident that will account and we must count every legal but we must make sure that any boat that wasn't lawful not because of that deludes your vote. It's done improperly. Got to get that right when we get it, right? I'll get it right. We're in good shape. Yeah. I mean, if I looked at him as sort of a calming influence, I don't think that he would That he would participate as a West Point graduate in some sort of Ah military putsch to a takeover the the U. S government but anyway, so Question A Zeiss a week we can continue on the Charlie Baker question. But other questions Mike from Pale, I I think he was being you know, just typical Harvard law school guy being a little too cute. Maybe for the circumstances, and he may be. He was trying to just Release some of the pressure. Um that's my take on it. Maybe some of you out there see a moron. Amore invidious Mike Pompeo. Let's go to Lucille in Boston, Lucille. Thanks for calling in. I threw the mic Popeil thing in here. You're more than welcome to comment that you people in that dock. She doesn't speak with a false tongue. I love her in a boat. They're Mama. Luka. Adama? Sugar? No of of governor. He's shutting down the city. What? He should shut his trap. I wish I could meet him. I'd let him have it. I guess you would. I mean, this is a disgrace What he's doing. I want to be a Democrat. He was always a Democrat. What do you think you can end? Well, I don't know. Do you think you maybe take the formal step here? I mean, And they're selling before. Did you hear him? I think that he'd be good by then. What the hell is he smoking? That guy? One cockamamie story. Daddy's good. I'm going to give him a break. Give me a plate. Don't give him so. So you really you're you're in the dot from Medford, Campo. Yeah, I know. I know. Dot She's beautiful. She's so disdained. Wish I wished that she was on the road on your program. She could work along side. You got classy lady. She's got Trump Would you can't mask She's got it on her on her water everywhere the Trump because I had to a son and a son of a couple of weeks ago, whoever both the Biden should have their head examined, the woman said, I'm down for him. Yeah, I just do not. I hope you're not swearing in Italian for me. Hell, no, no Another's unconscious Mama Lucas Like a stupid person. Emil always. Shumpert is like a fool. Okay, So these are all good things all good words. You know, we don't have our are addicted in translation here. And you know what? I meant picked a gavel. When I think years ago who was a test away your father something I met him at the wake. And I met Marie and Joseph. Nobody and be a beautiful people. And I said to Joseph body at the wake Behind. Every man is it's a good woman. And he agreed because he knows that Maria's Maurice Wonderful. Absolutely. I got to know them very well. Lucille is as you can like that spends a great event above hobby. Silverglate and the wife was Elsa Darkman. She she had a book. Oh, you know the virtues of photographer? Yes, master. In fact, she has an exhibit that's going to be Opening at the Museum of Fine Arts. Elsa sadly passed away last spring. But she realized that the that the exhibit would be open so people who are interested in photography can check it out. Lucille. Thank you very much for your video. Talk to my backpack. Okay. 617 To 5 for 10. 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30 got to take a quick break here. Ah, we have the comments from Charlie Baker. We have a recount. Apparently, that will take place in Georgia. And we also have the comments that Andi, I think it was. I think it was an attempt at If not humor, At least an attempt by Secretary Palm Pale to say, Hey, we're gonna be okay. We're going to be okay. But some took it very seriously. And I'd love to. I'd love to get you to comment on any or all of those those issues because I do believe at this point that Joe Biden will become the next president. And I do believe at some point, Donald Trump will have to do the right thing. And we'll have to be gracious. Um, so I want to know from you Trump supporters and those who you don't like Donald Trump. What do you expect the president to do? I mean, I don't think he has a choice. I think that his own legacy also the Ah, just the institution itself. It cannot afford. Again have the litigate Whatever you want, Okay, bring you lawsuits etcetera and then be prepared to abide by the law. That's the way the system works. Feel free. If you disagree, I'd love to hear from you six or not, particularly like if you agree. 617 to 5 for 10 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30, The ladies line 617931. 10 30. This is your opportunity to tell the world what you think. And you are more than welcome here on night side. Whatever your point of view, thes air important days between now and January 20th and of course, there will be another set of important days to begin on January 20th I want your input coming back or nightside nightside with Dan,.

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