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Fc you and start earning today air force out surely can each six to one through the first six minutes of the second period were tighter one falcons of the face off in the offense of in grief when the drop but to break out here mclaughlin brings it up pass across the smelter gets past him and from behind hake takes it away over here on the nearsighted stand braley for force daily it coughed up the puk smelter gone the other way his shot blocked by bailey in it ricochets offer him into the corner one of the falcons gets there mats backing you flip for that got over the glass and into the sea to overrun the near fly on dan bailey is hurting he took that shot somewhere in the left leg area he was his slow getting up it took him a while he finally did get out he goes off under his own power hopefully dan bailey is okay and that's just a bruised but boy oh he took one of those shots we talked airforce commits to block in those shots but there's a price to be paid when you do so pays off one by could aegis camera and he he's got a little space if shot stick save his billy what both stick down a deflected off the goal stick up and out a point keep an eye on dan bailey over on the bench area trainer eric marshes is taking a look at it hopefully bands vying to come back and put a little dern out of mark the faceoff here in front of christopolous pakistan landless circle on finally getting a stick on it was a boot portrait out of their back to.

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