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75 right now an Oxbridge 73 in Plymouth right now, in Boston at 6 35. It is partly cloudy and 71 following new developments tonight from the nation's Capitol. The Senate has officially passed a new bill that, if signed into law would make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, the lead sponsor of that bill. Comes as a new poll shows more Americans are understanding the importance of this holiday. Here's correspondent Rory O. Neill, a majority of Americans at least know what Juneteenth is. A Gallup survey finds 28% say they know nothing at all about the day that marks the end of slavery. Nearly 70% of black Americans say they know a little or a lot about the anniversary of that day in 18 65. When slaves in Texas we're told of their freedom. Those slaves were in for more than two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Now 45 states observe the Juneteenth anniversary, and Giunti Juneteenth rather is an official holiday here in Massachusetts. Several events are set for this weekend. And there are some taking place in Boston to mark the day, including a black joy rally in Copley Square, also an event for the day before on the 18th in Nubian Square, called one night in Boston over on the North Shore Festival is taking place in Lynn on Juneteenth, Also in Chelmsford. They're holding a black owned business Expo. 6 37. There's another candidate in the race for governor tonight, here in Massachusetts, and she's breaking barriers. I am announcing my run for governor to reimagine this common law at Harvard Professor Daniel Allen, the Democrat now officially the first black woman to ever run for governor. Here in Massachusetts..

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