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Powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. And here is Brian Albin. It's a heck of a Sunday to be a sports fan, Jenny, because we have a triple header of game 7s coming up in the NHL and NBA, let's start on the ice where the Boston Bruins who set an NHL record for wins and points in a season are now in danger of being bounced by the Florida Panthers in the first round, game 7 from Boston starts at 6. The defending champion Colorado avalanche are hoping to keep their chances at a repeat alive. They host game 7 at 8 30 against a Seattle franchise in just its second year of existence. The NBA playoffs first round concludes it three 30 when Sacramento hosted the defending champion warriors in game 7 of that series. The king's looking for their first playoff series win in 19 years. The Eastern Conference Semifinals serve as an appetizer with the Knicks and heat playing game one of their series at one. If the weather allows Josiah gray will take the mound at one 35 for the nationals as they try to avoid the sweep at the hands of the pirates, the Orioles look for a series win in Detroit, Kyle Brady on the mound against the tigers. It won 40. And how about some XFL playoff action, the D.C. defenders hosting the Seattle sea dragons for the northern championship at Audi field at 3 o'clock. I'm Brian Alvin sport. Thank you, Brian. Coming up after traffic and weather, a manhunt in Texas is continuing from and suspected of shooting 5 people. It's 1126. Kansas City state company, another American Eagle dot com success story, started in 1932 as a family owned butcher shop today

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