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The daily caller luminary citing the new york slimes chuck ross john podesta john podesta was the campaign chairman by rotten clinton met with fusion gps founder after trump does see a was published here we go about protecting campaign chairman john podesta met with the founder of the opposition research firm behind the trump does he just after the document was published earlier this year according to a new report in the new york slimes the revelation is significant because podesta a long time democratic operative recently told the senate intelligence committee that he did not know who paid for the research firm fusion gps to reduce the dossier which buzzfeed published on january ten now let's take a step back the general counsel of the hillary clinton campaign was the bag the gobetween the lawyer who got the winning his law firm he and his law firm from they hillary clinton campaign in the dnc he made the payments he retain fusion gps now we know john podesta the campaign chairman of the hillary clinton for president committee yes uh uh uh he met afterwards with the opposition research found after the trump though see was published earlier this year the revelation is significant because by desk there's this longtime democratic operative and associated pedestrian shall the new york slimes that he met with glen simpson the founding partner of fusion gps to compare notes about russia's meddling in the election but don sowa told the new york slimes that simpson of fusion gps was considering whether he firms should continue its investigation of trump's alleged ties to russia the times report does not say whether podesta and simpson discussed the clinton campaign's environment in the dose project will i would add this why would they the rather strange evaded reported last month that perkins coy i know it's coin but i don't care the law firm the represented the clinton campaign and dnc hired view shen gps and april 2016 to investigate trump fusion hired former british by christopher steel that june to investigate trump's activities in russia and it goes on i have set ladies and gentlemen over and over again what's at the bottom.

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