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Right. But then we had to kind of have some kind of ruling to the first record with the backing vocals, which we did ourselves. But we. Go anyway. Had that kind of repeat there. But when you listen to the to the out trove of that the record company sent the first pressures of that recall back because I thought it was a bad pressing Fulton. Why the feedback understand it? They didn't get into that was the real sound of the who in those days, which we'd never had on Cohn. Explain. Yeah. Because we'd had pages. Tidied up solo. Yeah. So that would so that's your so that that's on anytime that that one got you into your own sound. And then that led into my generation. Yeah. Substitute generally. Lisi stuff. One. Did the secret come out? What remember though that was sixty eight sixty eight seek great. So great man, it was sixty eight that guitar on that song. And you ended up at good sentiment. That's when Pete go into into kind of eastern religion family above all that stuff which owning spot told me. So that was really good period. We in between my generation and. And that that was probably the darkest period. Which what me in the for the sell out in quick one. No, no, no, no, no. The on a boy happy, Jack. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Really? Yeah. Yeah. That was a time. It was a tough time for me as a singer. I've been from now of the band of generation well that was like that came to a head because drugs, right because the drugs because we went on first European through here, and I managed to get hold of a huge pile of amphetamine together. Guys. Are you the other goes, I couldn't do them? I tried it when we because we used to sometimes play two shows a night. Yeah. You when we finish eleven eleven pm. Yeah. And then we start another one to the moon. Right. And then we finish at five here. So to stay awake. I tried them. But I couldn't sing so throat draw you up I just thought to laze can go can even do this and say, why would be shit singer. Yeah. I'll just have to Baste be tired and be. Yeah. So I couldn't do them. But the goods, right? You can take as many as your life your plan to drums plan. Rhythm a little bit. But that was the problem when we did the first two of when we did the first or of Europe like a huge part of amphetamine and it slowly progressively flew to. Worse and worse and worse than the music foster foster louder and louder was obviously on Keith. No the whole ban. Yeah. The whole band, and it was cacophony. Yeah. It goes so fast on the last show. We did in them out. I could hardly get the worst the songs. So I what I was smashing the gear up. I decided I was going to do something about it came off the stage found this stash flushed down the toilet. That's not great for people who like drugs. No. Need to free guys one. Yeah. And the one mostly was Kaethe art gab. I'm flush them at immediately came into suitcase said wish moustache. Down the toilet. And he flew with the tambourine attacked me with a time marine, which doesn't sound like very much not soft pigskin instrument, and it's going to sound thing as evil slashing at me with the bells, right, which is a whole different fair that they could have gotten edged could've Freddie, me so needs to citing giver for confi because street firing as and. And put him on the floor and the band threw me out for finding was at the first fight in the band o..

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