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Learning would need to compile a covert 19 health and safety reopening plan before being allowed to reopen. Berkeley, which has its own public health department, also targeted in November. 9th reopening option San Jose Unified School District is preparing to welcome students back to class in January, but students will have the option of continuing distance learning for those opting to return to campus in San Jose mess will be required along with social distancing. There will be staggered break times and plexiglass barriers for staff members and students will be required to fill out a health questionnaire. At the start of each day, the district will postpone reopening plans of the county is placed back in a more restrictive tear. A bar now is on the road to recovery after being singed by flames from the massive Silverado Fire in Orange County Question for animal control for injured owl that was Picked up by one here and the fire authority released video showing the bird wrapped in yellow fire gear is a firefighter lifted him from the ground crew,.

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