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I just wanted to be a fly on the wall in the room that you're in when that happens that's what i want to be but listen i've heard from a lot of high level sources actually more than four that the decision is coming down to josh allen and baker mayfield that sam darnold is not a part of this decision that it just didn't gel with the cleveland browns and you know what that's fine because someone else is gonna take sam darnold and sam might be better off for it but if it is may feel that top i think that's a better selection than josh allen josh projection yes a hundred percent of projection got a hit at least mayfield you can say highly productive best quarterback in the college game the last three years listen i want to say this i've got three tiers of these guys i've said all along no confusion i think it's darnold rosen are elite can win now guys i do think baker will win in this league i just think he needs more i've said this i just project him his case keenum i project case keenum i project darnold as luck i project rosen as a matt ryan i protect baker i just have a lord now now i think lamar josh our pride jax who can win given time but can't win now so everybody thinks baker no no i just think is ceiling is incredibly low people have him as drew brees i have ms case keenum that's where dry discipline dies like you i listen i am going to throw your own comments back in your face because at one point i sat on the couch and you're up on your tower and your purchase you said who's off my draft board is who's off my draft draft board but by the way you're saying that tim tibo was undrafted but tim tebow a six game winning streak and beat the steelers i'm not drafting a guy who's running from law enforcement i'm not.

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