Donald Trump, Uranium One, Clinton discussed on Sean Hannity


So here's what I'm going to be a warrant process seems to have been abused that the Democratic Party along with Clinton aide, a foreign agent to collect information against president candidate Trump or an agent that was used to get a warrant, and none of the information is reliable. How could you get multiple warrants must last one? If we don't find out what happened there, then we're leading the whole system down. So I'm gonna look at that Senator you wrote a memo with co with with Senator Grassley Grassley Graham, oh, I don't know why he got top billing in needed to talk about that. And I think that the bulk of information for the Fiso warrants was the phony dossier, isn't that isn't that a fraud committed on the court, and they purposely didn't tell the court that she paid for it. Or whereas defies the courts outrage number one number two. If there was a paid informant confidential informant used as a counter intelligence operation. That was paid to talk to Trump campaign about connections to Russia. What did they cops them? She'll informant. Find and why wasn't that information used to get a warrant? So here's what I'm suggesting to you. It's a confidential informant used by the FBI to look at the Trump campaign. Didn't find anything about Russia calls city had it would've been part of the war and applications and surveilled Carter page. Well, I think you're right on all accounts. And the only thing that I might add is the uranium one debacle. You know, we had a we had infiltrated Putin's network, you know, that Hillary got the kickbacks to the Clinton foundation. You know that Robert Muller just happened to be the FBI director, and the FBI infiltrator was informing his bosses that bribery, extortion, money laundering, and kickbacks were going on. And they still approved that uranium one deal. Twenty percent of our uranium ending up really in Putin's hands. Good. The people in your program believed is that when it came to Clinton misconduct. There was really no zealous effort to find the truth that the people investigating Clinton headed out for Trump and wanted her to win that defies a warrant was more political than it was legal. And that that whole group got a pass and that they're going after Trump like there's no tomorrow. And I don't know how you tell people that they're not right to believe that I'm gonna have to let you go here. Senator we do appreciate what you're doing. I think you're going to be working pretty hard next year. Hope you get some downtown over Christmas. And maybe we'll get that reconciliation Bill. I that would be awesome. You and fund the wall eight hundred nine four one Sean toll-free telephone number..

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