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I think it's almost almost too big of a twist drop on people mecca. So let's get into season three episode seven. I don't know how much we need to do a blow by blow. I think that probably the appeal here is probably talking about the series of the whole, and it's this. I think it's by the way as we're going to do more of these these drips at sevens. I do think in general sometimes the episode is really interesting we're talking and this is a pretty good episode. Like, definitely a pretty indicative. It's pretty indicative of the other episodes where but I do think, especially for shows people don't know. It's probably more useful to just like really deep dive into the show, even though we're when episode right, right? I I don't know how much the plot of season three seven nine the source is going to hold people's attention. But I do think the fact that this show existed, and the type of thing that they would cover on a show. I think is probably a little more palatable this episode entitled hungry for love and involves the story of dinosaur Robbie not superfan Robbie dinosaur Robbie the the older son of the dinosaurs. That he meets a new love interest. Who happens to be the daughter of the mean, bullying boss that URL works for? Yeah. I do love that. When the dad finds out that Robbie is dating his boss's daughter. Just based on you by the last name, which I think is Richfield, right? He all your last names Richfield. Well, that's a coincidence because my boss the worst. Biggest they don't say where's persons than a person like the biggest monster earth? The like. Like, the of evil my boss. Also has that last name he keeps like he clearly knows right away. That's the buses daughter, but they get closer and closer to him realizing. And then the show like she has a picture of her dad on her and he realizes. Yeah. And so that's what the story has to deal with. And then we also get into that potentially nasty reputation that the new girlfriend has at school, and then also the ramifications of gossip and spreading rumors about people..

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