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This is Richard Karn al from TV's home improvement I know a thing or two about cordless power tools they let you work anywhere and help you get lots of projects done all over the house because the powered by rechargeable batteries which by the way can be recharged thousands of times eventually though a rechargeable battery just won't hold a charge you're going to need a new one but do you know what to do with the old one easy. Michael. that's right old rechargeable batteries can and should be recycled it's easy it's free and it helps protect the environment home improvement centers hardware stores and retailers everywhere are participating in the nonprofit's nationwide call to recycle program to find a rechargeable battery collection site near you call eight seven seven to recycle or visit us online or call two recycle dot org together we can protect the environment by recycling old rechargeable batteries please answer the call to recycle I lost my vision five years ago the call to macular degeneration I called a devastating daughter never read it. she discovered talking books a free program to the library of Congress's national library service for the blind and physically handicapped keeping you connected to my world now you're talking this year the talking book in braille program celebrate eighty years of delivering books magazines right to the doorsteps of those unable to read the printed word whatever hearing too there's so much to choose letting me read what all my friends are reading too now you're talkin any individual unable to read regular print due to blindness low vision or physical handicap is eligible for talking books and it's free I lost my sight back in Vietnam talking books of relief in there for me the books I want on my own terms now you're talking to learn more about talking books call the National Library service for the blind and physically handicapped at one eight eight eight and I last read or visit W. W. W. dot LOC dot gov slash and alas..

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