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In America the men are men and the women they win the World Cup congratulations ladies good evening to you John Miller back here at oracle park where the Phillies beat the giants nine to six and we're going to review the ball game here with some highlights momentarily but first let's go places with the Toyota out of town scoreboard and down in LA some wild goings on in what had been a pitcher's duel the Dodgers got to run to the second against a Robbie ray and those have been the only runs the Dodgers have gotten with the Phillies the D. backs had no runs at all against Walker Buehler but they got him out of the game after six innings because of the picheny through a a hundred one pitches and was gone after six Dodgers went to their bullpen got through the eighth inning with that and brought in Kenley Jansen veteran closer but Dick Kenley Jansen gave it up a two run Homer by Carson Kelly the D. backs catcher tied the game now they're in extra innings they've gone to the eleventh inning and the whole deal Riaz is pitching and Carson Kelly has hit another home run so the D. backs have a three to two lead that game is in the eleventh inning in LA the D. backs are still battling and the Dodgers have only two hits in that game through the first ten innings Padres over the Rockies for the second night in a row seven a one was the final cal Quantrill get the best of Kyle Friedlander Josh Naylor hit a home run for the pods up in Seattle in the American League the rays beat the mariners five to three let's see what else in New York with the battle the red hot New York Mets to project themselves back into the wild card division race and that tonight they were facing the leaders in the National League wildcard race and I think both teams also keeping an eye on first place Atlanta but for the time being they were head to head and it was a wild game he was three to three after four innings and then the nationals on a home run by Anthony read don't want had five to three in the seventh and added to it to make it sixty three going to the last of the ninth inning and to do that okay men the Washington closer but the Mets got a couple of men on for it Todd Frazier.

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