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We use leaving i looked at and guy who still chase no rams pistol to people the fact i'm crazy but he's actually had so do you know why he was chasing him how are things yes he's a dog they was the guy waffles truck stop ran it and that's what started it well hopefully hopefully it all worked out for the best yeah i'm okay manage to you how is all these people republicans retire or knowledgeable fix the makeup of the house a little bogans gonna lose twenty eighteen licensed come up a waste of all do practical and getting back club do you do you have let's just put it this way sean i'm concerned and it's not that i'm concerned about the policies but i'm concerned about things like the the republicans signed off on the new budget initiative i'm concerned that the left is going to do everything in their power to encourage young people that are so misinformed to get out to vote there's a lot of candidates running for democratically held offices where current democrats sitting that are younger that might be more appealing to them if you would ask me about two thousand eighteen five months ago four months ago i would have shed not a worry in the world but considering the political climate that we're in right now i think it's a coin toss but as always does it's gonna come out the voter turnout of course i was gonna ask about the raid on trump's lawyers they just kinda stuff dirt up on him they're gonna look and they're gonna look and they're gonna look because they have to justify the existence of the office of the special prosecutor i want to just go ahead and get it over with so he he's mismanaging so much guy is overstepping his bounds well i think at the end of the day that donald trump almost needs robert mueller at this point in time to sign off on the fact that there's nothing there that's the only way they're going to be able to quell these accusations yeah yeah well i thought oh yeah i'll probably see you when you up and i read type side festival looking forward to it okay i'll talk to you thanks for taking my call joe locke popped in studio album sorry james when you say his dog sound a heated about that story too.

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