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From the Elliot Time Studios. This is Asian each week on this. Podcast WE TALK to one Asian American celebrity about the joys the complications and everything else that comes along with being Asian American. I'm Frank Sean. And I'm GENU MOTTO THIS WEEK ON EPISODE. Eight of our podcast. We're joined by CHEF Nikki Nakayama. She's the owner of the Michelin starred. End NOCCO a restaurant here in La that you might have on. The netflix show chefs table and on the dream. Dining list to foodies everywhere. Nikki is a native Angelino world renowned for her. California takes on the traditional multi. Course Japanese becky meal. Nikki talked about her first visit Japan and the crazy things that people try to do to get a table on her restaurant. You'll also talk about the unique experience of growing up in an asian-american enclave Gabriel cheerleaders. Y- Jackson you see growing up on my high school does not look like this. We talked to Nikki before California. Governor Gavin newsom required that all restaurants halt in house dining due to the corona virus since then nicky and her crew have been making beautiful Bento and Juba. Go boxes that you can pick up at end. Neca full of delectable by the dishes like grilled me so black cod braised. Abalone steered US Salad Macho white chocolate cake. Yeah I was already kind of obsessed with Bento boxes in this. One just looks amazing. I'm drilling at the thought of it as we speak. But birth onto our conversation with the chef Asia enough is presented by little America now streaming exclusively on Apple. Tv plus in the TV APP on all devices and TV APP supported devices. This advertiser has no influence over editorial decisions or content. Look around you it's wireless world and that means everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds but before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair you need to check out the wireless ear buds from RECON. You already know recon earbud started about half the price of any other. Premium WIRELESS EAR BUDS IN THE MARKET. And that they sound just as amazing as other top audio brands. You know their newest model the every day. Twenty five ear. Buds are their best ones yet with six hours of playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing more base and a more compact design. That gives you a nice noise isolating fit when I got my hair. They were game changing. I work from home sometimes. And it's important for me to stay focused. Rais Khan's wireless ear buds. Let me listen to the high quality music. I love whether I'm at my desk or walking around the house. The company was Co founded by Ray J and Celebrities Cardi B. and brandy or obsessed with recons so pick up a pair and see what the hype is all about. Now's the time to get the latest. And greatest from recon get fifteen percent off your order at by RECON DOT com slash Asian enough. That's by RECON DOT COM SLASH ASIAN. Enough for fifteen percents off. Recon WIRELESS EAR BUDS BY RECON DOT COM slash Asian. Enough.

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