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Miller lite hopefully that will be settled by our fearless leaders and the other issues involved cleaning products be a good little Maxwell housewife relax a little and this marriage might even survive twenty only Democrats can make these key decisions I'm Rachel Goldstine Shahbaz it's freakin o'jays man this arc in Tennessee a group of very dedicated amusement park people and Christians built an ark to replicate knows arc right down to the exact size and then they filled it with animals then they filled it with that'll come from all over the world I believe this is going to be one of the greatest Christian reaches his history change Williamstown it is the two million people I believe can you imagine the smell of livestock inside a wooden arc okay but that's not the story the story which is astonishing is he ready they build the replica a replica huge replica of no was arc based on the measurements given in the Bible and they had a flood no seriously rain hurricane I don't know what it was but they had a flood.

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