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If you grow that way and you keep swimming you'll come to australia. And if you go that way and you can seraing you'll come to. China are said though absolutely fascinated than refinished ledge and we actually took down onto the beach and They got to take the pacific soulful and and and have the water playing over them and it was just so beautiful and i mean they. They wanted and they wanted to legia bottles and they wanted sand and water as growing up in south africa. If you ever went to the sea off in your staff at home and they would ask you to bring seawall to back for them and they would. I don't think was like a cleansing jink daylights assets out says well. Yeah some some was. That's what they want to look for. And but but now i think to myself but they've never seen this before. So why would they know to do How to do that. So lost the one guy. I stayed but not while you taking this home with you because at john abbott tv list tv anisette. What do you mean into a tv. You said i'm gonna put it up on a shelf in my lunch and we're look at it. I'm gonna think of this and when my children come. I'm gonna be able to tell them stories of the day that you took me to the sea and the day. We're not travel to south africa to come and do this and arc living and just the simple two liter bottle with a little bit of seasoned and some seawater was story. It was a it was a it. Was this whole imagination and child's mind. He's a child has never seen the sea before but three bodily he was gonna get to experience it and it was just You know you have these moments in life..

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