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The new york times face goes under the criticism let the present ms hedh for number these people in the warnings the republicans have had the extraordinary recklessness of what they're doing why would the new york times care the new york times histories filled with extraordinary recklessness the new york times histories filled with reporting classified information again the pentagon papers by many more examples and same of the washington post the washington post had deep throat deep throat was the deputy director of the fbi imagine that isn't that ironic he was the deputy director of the fbi in charge of the watergate investigation and he was leaking information to woodward and bernstein it's not that they were great reporters they were great stenographers they couldn't believe their bomb luck that deputy director the fbi's handing them every fact about the investigation front page rebel pulitzer prizes and that's that pro bonuses everything same things going on here ladies and gentlemen they concocted an investigation against the trump campaign and the trump transition the manufactured one that's why you don't read headline after headline with example after example of collusion between donald trump and his family or his campaign and putin and the russians whereas it there are none turned none whatsoever none the the senate intelligence committee find collusion between trump his family members in his campaign with the russians have so they were told a seoul house intelligence committee hasn't found any how about the house judiciary committee know how about the senate judiciary committee no help out the hundreds and hundreds of reporters had been reporting on this quote unquote for going on eighteen months now if they found any such thing no they have not but howard kurtz is very very interesting about mr mccabe mr call me the leakers but there's another thing about this story that i won't tell i wanna read to you again what turned up when they set up priebus i'm looking for the quoque here it is cnn quoque quote according the multiple us officials said the cnn the fbi rejected a white house request to publicly down media reports about communications between donald trump's associates and russians known to us intelligence.

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