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In their game play feed into one another because i know from the outside one of the things that game it's very much underplayed in my opinion is how one guy can affect the play of others and how one bad seed in a locker room can lead to a real problem or use another team as an example but ruin the seattle seahawks got rid of one percy harbin they hid spent first round capital on the guy and trading forum they give them a big contract and then they turn around and get rid of him for nothing why because he was deterred in the punchbowl he was the guy that was ruining the locker room and what happen then went to the super bowl that year and not that bella check has a situation like that on his hands but i think one of the real marvels of the success of bill bella check is for him to find the way to get those players to not only react to each other but to respect he charter and for his message to not get lost and maybe that happens lot when you win and maybe it's easier to do when tom brady as your quarterback and he's the one who will stand in a press conference and not be afraid to say hey we've all going to step it up and get better or we all going to learn to trust each other we've all got a fight we can't quit read tom brady is one of the rarer athletes on earth very rare who has carte blanche and can say anything to his teammates and i don't think el one of them is going to blow up on him whereas there are a lot of guys are kinda you know maybe fringe superstars that are really high returns we heard dudes in the nba say something a were like you're the guy trying to say this want your delivering this message there are very few like brady mbela check who can deliver that message and no one in the room has the ability i'm gonna go steven archambeau they don't have the standing vade own have the ah once the everwidening you don't have that privilege yeah we don't have that standing privilege and standing there you go there fifty three other give fifty two other guys in that room who don't have the privilege or the.

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