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God for you that you think you're going to enjoy or and I have to just go on the fly real quick as I haven't thought about this question long enough for better answer. But I will say this the Lenovo yoga c-9 thirty by the way, Lonzo maybe think about think about the brand names. It's like Sony is W H one thousand XM three exactly I'm drooling already. Did I call them when I got the marketeers I called them to cancel cans. Oh, that's nice. I remember that they'll take Taghi name like that over like a jumble of numbers and letters. Lenovo another on this topic. You know, if it's a yoga, right? Why not name it some sort of pose the yoga now? Oh, you've crossed one the yoga Asana yellow, call Federal Credit Union. Sounds good. Oh, my goodness was actually yellow Federal Credit Union. That's pretty cool. Hey, so what I'm saying? So for me right here, the roundabout sorry. All right. All right is a laptop that. And the reason I bring it up is. Because what I'm looking forward to in two thousand eighteen is more more devices that rethink what their role is how many, laptops, if I played with that that have a have a stylist that you can use with them. But there's no place to put the stylus to carry it in your bag, the nine thirty gives you a silo like a galaxy note, how many laptops have had to put a sticker over the front facing camera on because I'm either paranoid, or depending on your point of view. That's a whole podcast right there on thirty puts a cover right in there frigging laptop, and it's not thick. It's not dumb. It puts a massive sound bar in the hinge. It's just a cr- used it for two days. I don't know if it's a great laptop it could be total crap from what either delivers on on on making a solid windows experience..

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