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Their policies to shut down the free press the fact that the national assembly parliament has been called another thing that. They implemented that and was indefinite national service? National service is supposed to be eighteen months But tell the states indefinite people are Never released and they're sent out places in the country where they. Have no connection to an indefinite basis people have children of, families to not only to be with but also to feed and. The amount of money that they get so limited that people are, dependent on outside, sources of family members friends from abroad and this has been referred to as one of the main reasons why people leave the country over five thousand people. According to you and Eric happy month and, a lot of them are young people young people who were in scripted when they're extremely. On their last year, of high school and, then after that They're forced to stay if they do not finish their tests. Or if they do not get the virus for the test where, they can start. Colleges but the university has been shut down and there have been placed in college as if they were saying the right marks if they do not they. Are in listen to this national service program, and the isn't just the fact that it's indefinite it's the fact that the conditions they're. Completely completely completely horrible The rape All these different kinds of rights basis have been documented and have, also been like you mentioned criticized by foreign groups because there are no NGOs chair, right now Forbidden by the government so, the United Nations for example released a report likening this national service program to slavery I wanted to turn to the story of. Zahra snare mass tests fats yon who sought asylum in the United States. After fleeing his home, country of, error he was detained here for more than a year He was then deported back to Eritrea and going through the Cairo. Airport in Egypt he took. His own life he died by suicide I spoke to, his Aristotle's, friend barricades to who would meet with him as a volunteer translator at the Broward transitional. Center in south Florida it's an immigrant detention center Did he tell you what he most feared if he. Were deported to era trail What he said in his testimony is if he asked him The lawyer is why would we go we'll areas there My? Go to jail My kill you believe that. The US deporting arson I was a. Death sentence for him That's what I believe because if they know they. Know Eddie trays another right place right. Now you can do for area trio Why there has to get deported For that situation he ended up killing himself very cuts about, to the friend of. Sarah again held in the US. He was applying. For political asylum he was denied he was deported and took his own life on his way back to era I wanted to put that question to a wall aloe What will happen. To the situation in era trae that Vanessa has described The the dividends for peace are not just economic Security Relation to this. Areas and I think also be human, rights democracy you world road, related comes out of this, season eats As soon as a indicated Just the security situation is. More peace intuition be awesome just to keep such a large number But also. To completely replace the domestic poets vitamins No if the security situation Zero two. Countries have a peaceful relationship government would have. No. Justification was in office I would not have that kind of very. Clear justification come pointed to me. Is that this is a politically or Mariah And a democracy Click, and point us even if you had a Jimmy Carson that would be a poor such as a critic and security to the point hostile keeps into large and reports..

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