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His running the controls is our technical director. The top expert on Corona virus is urging city and state leaders to be forceful and making people wear masks. Dr. Anthony found she telling that to the Chamber of Commerce. When asked about France issuing a mask rule, he stressed, physical distancing is also very important. On the local scene here around the Puget Sound area, charging documents filed in the fatal shooting of bottle. Police officer Jonathan Shoop say it was the officer's partner, not the suspect who accidentally fired the deadly shot. Prosecutors charged Henry Washington with aggravated first degree murder today, alleging he fired into the patrol car, Shoop and his partner returned fire and one of the bullets the partner fired. Struck Shoop President Trump seems to have a significant hill decline before the 2020 general election. Cuomo's Taylor Band Size takes a closer look at some new numbers. There's a new Washington Post ABC News poll that finds that fewer than 2/5 of Americans approve of the way that he's handling the covert 19 outbreak. Joining us with more on the pole is Washington Post polling director Scott Clement, 38% approval of the president's covert performance. How does that compare to earlier points in the pandemic? Well, it's significantly lower. When we first asked representative sample of Americans how Trump is handling the Corona virus outbreak in March 51% approved of how he was dealing with it. That dropped to 46% in May and as you mentioned 38% in the latest survey Disapproval, of course, has gone up at the same time. He's now at 60% disapproving of the way he's handling the issue and in a strong fashion to you right is that twice as many strongly disapprove. Now, that's right. 52% strongly disapprove of the way Trump is handling the outbreak, compared with 25% who strongly approved. And strong disapproval is also up from 36% in March. So we've seen a pretty start shift in attitudes over the last four months. A lot of people notice that we haven't had a White House briefing with the president specifically about Corona virus in some time how much of this comes down to credibility and what the president is saying? Well, quite a lot of Americans had doubts about comes honesty and trustworthiness going into the outbreak, but We ask people how much do you trust what Trump says about the current virus pandemic, 34% said they trust him. At least a good amount. 64% said they don't trust him much, or at all. 46% within that latter group. I said they they don't trust Trump comments on this issue at all. So he really I is facing a bit of a credibility problem, which could impact his ability. Teo turn those approval numbers around. The poll also asks just other general questions beyond presidential approval, like how some of us choose to or not to wear masks. And and it was interesting to me to see just how big of Ah chunk of us are kind of in solidarity right now wearing our masks everywhere. That's right. I can point out anyone can point out people that are not wearing that when people are out in public, But nearly eight in 10 Americans say that they're wearing a face mask. Either all of the time or most of the time when they're around other people outside their home, which follow CDC recommendations, 57% say they're wearing one all of the time without exception, so that still leaves about foreign 10 Americans who are wearing one all the time. But they're largely the public is following recommendations on this, and as far as American priorities are concerned what ranks hires controlling the spread of the virus or getting the economy going again, Americans still prioritized controlling the spread. I mean, that's a bit of a false choice. To be sure, there are ways to restart the economy and still control the spread, but 633% Coz, controlling the spread when forced to choose. That's actually up 6% points from late May, Uh, when 57% of a prioritized controlling the spread about 1/3 currently say they they would rather restart the economy even if it hurts efforts to control the spread. Plenty more numbers to dig into online at washingtonpost dot com. Or you confined. The new poll from The Washington Post and ABC News Post polling director Scott Clement with US. Thanks, Scott certainly The interview there with Cuomo's Taylor Vance ice. We're coming up on 6 20 times for another update on your money News. Thie Coma Propel insurance money check now and here's Jim Chess coach. It was a mixed finished for stocks. The Dow industrials ending 62 points lower P S and P 500 NASDAQ composite edging higher gains of nine and 29 respectively. Shares of cruise operators Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise shed between 1.5 and two and 1/4 percent following word that the Centers for Disease Control extended its no sale order through the end of September. It had been set to expire next Friday. American consumers are much gloomier as we seek the virus infections picking up new speed across many states. The early reading of the University of Michigan's July consumer sentiment survey dove close to a pandemic low down to 73.2. From 78.1 last month, suggesting a longer economic recovery or even a prolonged recession. Once again, a mixed finished for stocks. The Dow nostrils slipping 62 points. That's your money now. Catch her money news on coma with 20 and 50 passed every hour. Another look a traffic Next Homo.

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