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Our delay list this morning we're not sure if it's because of whether or not but North Beach schools are starting two hours late a private school in Richland has a new policy when it comes to cell phones and a month into the experiment staff members say it's working very well even some students can see that's helping them stay focused we get more live from couples Carly Johnson's flavored probably from teachers how frustrating it can be when students are told to put the phones away but they just cannot resist checking that phone repeatedly attention in for the past three compromise that's Dr Reena good here as she has mental health it is also a major issue for teens more young clients unable to function there are much more problems with anxiety now and I think the excessive use of the cellphone is one of the factors so when students got back from winter break at liberty Christian school in Richland they instituted an all out cellphone van school administrators say it's really working positive impact superintendent Joe Jim Cochran tells keeper TV even students who fought the no phones policy change played helping a lot of students saw this as a relief Hey there something I can do to concentrate on my work so not only do they have to turn the phone off completely at the start of the day they have to store it in their locker or checking in at the office or just simply leave it in their car and get a lot of June fifth working we're hearing more more schools going this route Carly Johnson come on news we're just a minute away from a como sports update homeowner change is strong and you can experience any goals gym for a limited time only join the most supportive and dedicated community and fitness for just one dollar get access to the latest cardio and strength equipment the best exercise classes and expert personal trainers dedicated to.

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