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At least he struggled looked really good in the preseason. That offensive line might be the best in the entire. Nfl zach bond kind of a bust as a second round pick. Didn't look ready for the nfl. One of the weakest spots there at weakside linebacker look great in the preseason might have some bond time i forgot we might have a little bahnasawi and never even played well in the first place. They have a renaissance and then they trade for bradley roby. this week. I love that bradley roby. Trade bradley roby is a good number two cornerback and they had nothing at cornerback. Problem is bradley roby suspended for week. One and so you're still matching up like ken. Crawley and this rookie paulson adebo against the packers guys in the matchups don't quite favor you in the end. I don't know my heart's with the saints but your head. It's hard not to think the packers just have the mismatches here. I mean you don't you don't have to guess if what's happened in new orleans could be something that galvanizes this team. Because under sean payton when they went through katrina. That's exactly what it did. I mean it is one of the biggest stories in saints history. I think if you're sean payton. Although had saints fans will point out like they went three and thirteen after katrina with. Jim has he never got the credit. He deserved keeping that team afloat. But you know what they one week. One it was one of the great saints wins in history. They want on the road in week. One against carolina just willing. We'll see that season where they were. Actually kind of on the road was was driving media. Wonder how how the emotion translates in jacksonville of all places. We'll see about that. But i think sean payton you basically you love the challenge. Because it's been the same quarterback for so long. You've got to do something different now. I think he's the right coach for this. But we still don't know what jameis winston is going to be. I think sean payton is going to have to coach. Unlike he's ever coached before and be as creative as possible. But i don't understand why people are still picking the saints a playoff team and talking. And it's like i just i just i just don't buy that at this point. It's a little bit too much. Transition i am locking up the packers.

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