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Actually three answers of i confuse you i really didn't mean to one of those ask the question again make you forget how while hong does it take the 2018 subaru w iraq's to go from a standing start to one hundred kilometres uh correctly pronounced per hour there are two official answers or maybe even three will accept what a score of the mail bag of see we have all before we do actually do that i want to thank everybody who who stopped by the metro toronto convention center in downtown toronto all set the the last two days today being a sunday as were recording this and and doing it live for most of the network and also on the saturday as well we were on the six hundred level of the south building uh doing some live hits four our sports net five ninety the venture toronto co flagship station from the outer show we've been doing that now all wow i think at least the night last decade easily i think we'll you know and we always enjoy people come by say they enjoy the show in a dozen bench raising of course being the daytona five hundred and what have you saw it it it's always a really nice time they're going to be there the following weekend now i uh you know we later both saturday and sunday six hundred level of the south building metro toronto convention center and listen if you're coming in from out of town from other parts of the network across the country uh more than welcome to come on by love to see some people from outside the network here's a note that did we got from bill singer in vancouver talk about the other end of network listening on sports net 650 vancouver sunday night's eleven o'clock opposite big time of course et but away from the start of the new f one season but i'm not sure if i'm optimistic or pessimistic about what lies ahead it goes on to explain i like the fact that ross brawn is in charge of the direction and so am i i have lots of faith that he can bring the sport to a higher level of.

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