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They had a gender reveal party happened over the weekend video and pictures from the event showed up on Instagram. They have blue paint all over their faces. The reason why I'm talking about this. Forgive me for a second here is that. He is forty four and she's twenty two. Oh, and this says this is their first child. It's like will. Yeah. Because of they had to she would have been in high school. It just makes me mad that, like this is an afterthought. He's forty four hundred twenty two he could be her dad is literally double his her age, and to me, more and Ashton Kutcher, they had a fifteen year age difference, but like that defined her now. So it's just a double standard in, you know, if a woman was forty four and had a baby with a twenty two year old guy. It's all she would never. I mean, when you say to me, more people think of her being married to a younger man. So that's just my own little take on that there. Interesting. Yeah. River anyway. All right. He played on big bang theory. Right. Known for that. Yeah. All right. Disney confirmed that the next Star Wars movies set to hit the twenty twenty two will be done by db wise, David benef-, I've talked about this before they are the game of thrones creators. It's not the best time to make this announcement because people are still mad about the way game of thrones ended it field rushed. And they're still signing that petition at change dot org to keep the writers office Star Wars. Wow, they're trying, but it's not going to happen. It's time to numbers. Aren't that bits and I'm a Star Wars fan, give the guys a chance for heaven's sake? You know, and then the Haitian with cracks me up is the hater a year ago came out and attacked solo attacked Ron Howard. Oh, it's horrible. And now there's a petition to get Disney to make part two. These, these are such vocal minority. They're a very small number of anyway. Right now, you know, a lot of it has to do with I or a rotten tomatoes scores. And Jason's earlier last week, he talked about how you have to prove now that you've seen movies to review them on rotten tomatoes, which is really stop these people from all their campaigns. Because remember with solo. I'm pretty sure that the bunch of people reviewed it who hadn't seen it gave it the ad press before it even came out. Okay. We'll Smith wanted to be among fans so we decided to take a trip to the movie theaters to watch Aladdin. He of course, is the genie in the film. He went to California, a theater there and of the lights went out and he sat there and watched a movie to see the reaction. And then, of course he was sworn by fans at the end. I wonder kind of fun experience your work like that little bit. It'd be fun for legal bit reactions bounce. His wife and kids were also with them, Jada Pinkett. Smith willow and Jaden. Can you imagine being in a theater and the main star comes out and sits down with his family and doesn't really I mean it wasn't expected. But yes, that's true. Kind of find goal for the fan. All.

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