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Sports desk. Here's Eric Crosby. We'll be back at the penguins. But Matt Murray won't tonight. The pans host Dallas Casey to Smith gets the start in goal. His second straight. Start is the pans. Try to snap a four game losing streak. They play their last three games without Crosby due to an upper body injury. He told us he's ready to go. I feel good. I'm glad that. Excited to get back out there. The pens allow nineteen goals over their past four games. Casted re says everyone has to be more responsible in the defensive end is being a five man unit back there. Not cheating offensively. We're kind of in Iraq right now. So we don't really have another option AT and T sports net has the game at seven the first Pro Bowl. Voting results are in James Cotter is fourth overall. He is one of nine Steelers deleted his position. The Steelers today began preparing for the Broncos with injuries to tackles, Marcus, Gilbert, and mad filer. It's possible that third round pick. Chuck Sikora four will be in the lineup Sunday. Mostly by those Friday, how matters and then go from the four confirmed. He got first team reps in practice today. The pay basketball team now six at after beating Saint Louis seventy-five Seventy-three behind save your Johnson's twenty points. It was Johnson's layup with omitted seventeen left that put had to stay Eric Hagman NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K sports. Thank you very much. Eric bit of a bounceback day on Wall Street details with Hefferin Tillotson and a look at your money in two minutes. If you love football yelling at television screens with friends and wearing clothing with someone else. His name on it. There's a seat waiting for you at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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