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There that is diners drive ins and dives there are there are segments that guy fieri says the food is so bad the place is so awful they just don't error they walk out and don't do this yep so he's fifty two years old today has a restaurant a barbecue place when it time out tell me what the show is I've never seen the show they go into a restaurant he travels around these are diners drive ins and dives are mom and pop places they've been in Frankfort they've been in lieu of all right multiple times city hangs out in the kitchen with the chef and they do the recipe any taste the food and it's pretty cool tries to exhume or get no no no he he is given shot all got you okay little little strip mall in the middle of nowhere is amazing so many okay he goes there really sees fifty two years old today guy fieri is not his real name all this he said initially the family was from Italy and they changed the name free entry to be more Americanized now what a friend of mine the end Michigan where I live his he was from Lebanon and his family they're lasting was forage but when they came here was like F. O. R. G. and seventeen other letters so they shortened it down to forage right to Americanize their Lebanese name I think guy fieri changes name to free Eddery not to honor his grandfather because he didn't want to be called guy fairy is whole life yeah bro I don't know who a cooking show on cable guy fair yeah guy ferry the white haired adult work guy very the nine year old yeah it's not Levin on your Kentucky it's Lebanon let in he was living there by the junction room who Hey when we return we're going to head over to Trumbull county they have they when they got big trouble intro trouble candy will tell you all about it all right back after this but let's check in with the market Bloomberg money report on newsradio eight forty WHAS do when stocks the climbing to record highs on speculation the illness that emerge from China won't be as bad as initially feared the Dow is up ninety nine points at some P. up fourteen that then stick up fifty seven shares of Johnson and Johnson a lower today the health care giant's fourth quarter sales trailed estimates sales of J. N. J.'s baby care products plunge more than twenty six percent Netflix is facing the toughest year in history in terms of its new streaming competition but the company says it's ready with technology and media giants such as apple A. T. and T. and Disney plus bringing new video platforms online Netflix is working to keep customers loyal with a flood of new shows and movies and here's some good news if you wanted an iPhone but felt they were too pricey the company may have heard you apple is putting together a cheaper version of its iPhone and they will be unveiled in March with the news radio a forty WHAS Bloomberg money every point on the on the.

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