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I want to ask both of you. Is there a text story you think deserves more attention in 2021. Maybe something that got overshadowed by everything else happening in this year. I'll start with you, Tina. I think we're still especially on the Congress and regulatory front fighting the battles we can see which obviously makes sense. You fight the battles you can see. But I think the invisible battle against algorithms that have bias is going to be increasingly more important. So I think the idea that Decisions are being made by a set of characteristics that we don't really understand whether that's getting alone getting a job getting a house all these things, and I think that's going to be a big issue for 2021 in the years to come. Ronnie. One thing that was sort of highlighted. This year was our access to broadband, you know became so important that if we wanted to do anything, social life for work, we had to have fast Internet. And I think because of the pandemic, the issue of inequality in broadband has really been highlighted. Ronnie Mola is senior data reporter for Recode and Gina. Freed is chief technology correspondent for Axios. Thank you both for this discussion and happy New Year. Thank you. Thanks for having us. No, we're thinking about this past year. Another story that rocked America was the killing of George Floyd last May by Minneapolis. Police recovered the Nash nationwide protests in depth throughout the summer. Delved into problems like systemic racism and police brutality. Well this afternoon on all things considered another aspect of this story. Thousands of people have left remembrances at the site in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed. Now, Some people who live there are working with volunteer artists to preserve an archive them for a potential memorial. That's permanent. You'll hear more about these efforts and all the news today on all things considered. You're listening to here and now. Hmm. Here's what's coming up in one o'clock today on the take away more than two years after the killing of journalist Jamal Kasogi, his murder still sent the troubling signal to members of the press worldwide. The global reaction was tremendous. The flip side of that was there any meaningful action taken? The answer is no. A conversation with the director of a new documentary on Jamal Kashiwagi is life and death. That's next time on the takeaway from W N Y c N p R X.

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