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Very hard that's why i talk to them every week that's why they're adding more staff they just gave the gave the statebacked sixty million dollars absolutely it's hard to but they built the system uh they're the ones that have to fix it so as they say i'm i have to be like a dog on the bone in the ring for an island and not letting them off easy that's actually new audio lo and behold listen i'm going to give credit where credit is due make flanagan our producer here said he tara guess what wake up you're so used to every wednesday and or thursday at said governor gina raimondo on with nbc ten the and janning his connect to the capital that one on one thing as the governor had mentioned before it came a little early this week thank you for pointing that out nick flanagan and she was talking there about it's hard to believe what deloitte says um it's hard to believe what deloitte says that's the computer company as we all know now responsible and gave us the botched half a billion dollar computer system a dhs uh this week heinous news about our poverty level being the highest in new england about one in six families households being on food stamps about a report coming out saying rebels ninety million dollars in food stamps and so governor raimondo is unfortunately just repeating the same line that i'm like a dog with a bone i'm holding them accountable that's why i'm on the phone with them every week and it's hard to believe what deloitte says now for her to say it's hard to believe what i say and she should be the commander in chief if you will of this one hi dea fire them the a throw it out go back to pen and paper do you grab all the contact information for those that you have in.

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