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Made right There you go. A B C's Alex Stone. Thank you. You got it. Thanks, Kitty. 6 50 now and kfbk, and we've got to check your traffic and weather together One more time. Starting with Dana has it said what? 40 degrees outside. You're gonna go out and have something to eat? Yeah. Right. Let's order a salad for Nandita. Everything that won't get go by. Let's let's like the menu and keep warm. Rodney my choose change. CIA Don Oregon Right now. Downtown to the split, kitty. Yes. Seven minutes. He's found Cap City Once you get to the split eight minutes to Roseville on eastbound 80 Further up is where we have the problems of his snow and ice up there. And right now on the eastbound 81 Mile east of Baxter, they're holding vehicles because of spinouts. Very icy conditions. So you might want to rethink your plans. Otherwise downtown l drove 11 minutes on I 5 10 minutes on 99 to Folsom. He's found 50 18 minutes. Further up chain controls twin bridges to Myers on eastbound 50. And as we check beyond that downtown of Woodland 16 minutes north, bound by five and a nine minute drive downtown to Davis West found 80 at this time. Don't let covered 19 stop you from choosing a proven treatment for your opioid or stimulant addiction. Virtual care options are now available to stream in and choose change. California find the right treatment option for you would choose change. CIA dot org's traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons Staying ahead Snooze 93.1 kfbk Tonight will be cold with partly cloudy skies tonight Slow 28 to 32 some sunshine tomorrow, turning cloudy and cool, breezy in the afternoon, we'll see a high 49 to 53..

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