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I don't jump out of a plane. Well, exactly because I think what what was followed up? What That is, wasn't it was a strange message was, he said people are tired of Kobe, but then seemed to suggest, as we've heard him say, before it is what it is, he said. There's going to be spike. There's not gonna be spikes. There's gonna be vaccines. There might not be vaccines and and people are just tired of it. And they're coming to my rallies because they're just saying Leave us alone. Well, that may be, but It would seem that that also means well. People are going to die. Some are going to die. Some will not die and again. It's a president has been criticized before kind of taking. This attitude of it is what it is, and I think there's plenty of other people who would criticize him for saying Well, this is the role of the president to be to be leading. And I I would just contrast that with what we heard out of Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, today where they're having What the state of Illinois saying and the city of Chicago is saying is clearly a second wave and Lori Lightfoot today said, I understand people are fatigued. But, she said, this is the time where we have to dig deep and keep going and keep fighting this disease and that's not what you heard from the president on this call. I gotta tell you, mark. The thing I can't I'm wondering is how he will react. Say he loses on November 3rd. How will react to this Because what he's doing now is obvious. Put, obviously political. It's playing into people's frustration and anxiety and packed, almost pretending that it's not there because most of us don't know anybody that's died, You know, I mean, I do, but most people don't And it's It's It's really interesting. And I wonder wonder around the country. Now you're seeing the pushback from Ben Sass and and and you know, you're beginning to see You know, you still Chris Christie and others on? I just wonder after November 3rd when it's all on the table. What this response will be, then, you know. Yeah, It's a very question. You know, I wish I had an answer. I wish anyone had an answer, I think, but that's exactly where it's really hard to see beyond November 3rd, and I think that's one of the things that so many people and voters are grappling with. Right is two very different visions of America and where it goes. And why, Although politicians say it every election, it's the most important election of your life. I think there's many people who do feel that that's the case this time is to fundamentally different views of where America goes after. November 3rd. And so it's a great question. Where where we go with him, But depending on who's in charge, and where we go with economy and other things and health care and other issues, it's all normally remember. But normally when we say it's the biggest election of your life, it's a metaphor, not a literal right. That's what I'm saying. I think that there's a lot of people, though, And I think that could be evidence in some respects by large amount of early voting that we've seen more than 28 million ballots cast in the states that reports so far, you know, there is some level of certain people probably trying to avoid election Day rushes and things like that to just get done voting early, But I think you know it will The evidence store we went, We'll see when the numbers truly turn out. Are we seeing a groundswell? Are we seeing greater enthusiasm this time around? For either side, whether here it's trump or bite it. Well, you stay safe, my friend and not to be seen in the next 15 days. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks. Absolutely Thank you. And that's Margaret Malard, ABC news correspondent and the latest the feedback That's Since this morning. It's just a mind number. It really is that this person is the president, United States again. They don't want us to talk about this. So Trump wants us to talk about Hunter Biden and the laptop that I love it that they can't even get on the same page. Prudie, Giuliani says. Well, now there was no laptop. But you know that the Fox news media they just keep going down with you and the laptop. Know the guy that lied in the beginning is telling you it was a lie. You can stop now. There is no laptop. He didn't drop the laptop off while he was drunk at a A computer. Restore computer repair place for the owner is not making this up, is a blind owner. A blind owner of a computer repair place who then copied the hard drive in Senator Rudy. So that's that's that's the world and that's where we live. Mom. I I don't know. I, uh I can't help but be. I'm just naturally an optimist, but When I see When I see Trump in Michigan. And the crowd starts chanting, Lock her up! Governor Whitmer! This is a woman that they just foil the plot. Kidnapper and execute er. And he has the people out there and then he goes. Lock them all up. Kind of person talks like that, right? Some Yeah. You know it is it is Trump. Trump came from behind in the final stage is to win the White House, but nobody knew the level. Love is crazy. Four years later, um, his his campaign's attacking Biden's 50 years in D. C. And all these unproven allegations of family corruption, which just there's no proof whatsoever. Watching his son on Fox is embarrassing. Watching Trump is frightening. Um, And there's a bit of silence if you have noticed from Lindsey Graham, even on the Biden thing. And when he was the guy that orchestrated the whole thing with with with Rudy Giuliani, who was Something wrong with him, too, right? I mean, the whole group. That's what I'm going to remember from this, you know. But you know, Biden has accomplished more in 47 years. Then Trump will ever ever hope to accomplish is president of the United States to flip around the narrative from the Trump campaign. Tim Murtaugh, who is Trump's campaign manager, says this boils down to a choice between A political outsider who has shaken up Washington and a failed career. Politician. You can say what you want about Joe Biden, but he's not been a failure. Yeah. Up until this November 3rd. He has not won the presidency, but he was vice president in one of the most celebrated eight years in US history. And he was US senator that fought for and got a lot accomplished. And ironically, you know, he pushed to do a lot for Ukraine and to help them escape the shadow of the USSR. You know, the Trump campaign still believes it has a viable but very narrow path to victory, and the end is very narrow..

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