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Hey if you missed any of the program today Go back and listen to the podcast. We had a fascinating conversation with mark levin today He's the blaze. Tv host levin tv. Also you know famed radio host and author of a book. That is out today. Called the american marxism american marxism. It's available everywhere by it. It's really good. He talks about You know things that we have to do. A he spells out the disaster in the first six chapters and the last chapter is ten thousand words of what we have to do and what we have to do is start to stand up and unite And start coordinating a little bit better on the things that we we believe in stand up and boycott those things that are standing directly against us. You hear about toyota. They found out that over. Fifty percent of the cars were sold. Toyota cars were sold the conservatives. They kind of changed the way. They're looking at america and the investments that they're making because of that. This is the glenn beck program. Some facts are Fun like the first oranges weren't orange. They were green. Did you know that the letter q does not appear in the state in the name of any state not so interesting americans overspend on insurance by twenty one billion dollars every year that's a fact and an astounding fact. That's why the zebra started doing business. The zebra compares car and home insurance quotes from every major provider in under five minutes. It'll give you all the facts. You need to make the right decision for you and it's all for free. It is the fastest way to find out. Am i over paying. What is the right coverage for me all about the price all from the provider that you can trust in fact zebra save shoppers and average of nine hundred twenty two dollars on home and car insurance combined. That's a fun fact. Get all the facts in one place. Start comparing quotes free today by visiting the zebra dot com slash beck. That's the zebra dot com slash back picked..

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