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There the last of the night denny in cincinnati the mets clinging to a seven two six lead over the reds his belt pops up third base side now the third basement was at shortstop he's racing over into five round on the dead run makes the catch just before it gets to the stands michael francke well done that's a long long run and now he's limping franko got over near the chart rolled up on its cylinder and stored in against the boxy railing down there and caught the ball and then reached out his right foot and tried to prevent himself from colliding with that tarp kinda climbed up on the top of the but now he's limping little bit so here's brandon belt johnson hit to foul balls caught by the third baseman but at an exceptional plan that last one made by franco not just a foul ball to third here's longoria after taking ball one two now he takes wall to fastball missing to an hour goria it a brokenbat light a short that was caught by leaping king he has struck out of is line dot your last over three the pitcher on the way fastball over the inside for a called strike tuna on the giants are trailing ten to nothing in the eighth and if you're saying well what's the score score all right are you happy now you know there it is it's low outside of all three and one brandon crawford is on deck philly's got three runs in the very first ending three batters into the game they had three runs on the board against a three run homer by harare there's a foul out of play off to the right full kowtow to longoria then they added two runs in the fourth inning a two run homer by hernandez in the fifth inning three run homer by santana made at eight to nothing and then harare's second homer the game with a man aboard and the sixth inning made at ten to nothing all of their runs a result of home runs and there is strike three call he throw a slider through all those ninety eight mile an hour fastballs and that frozen a very strong major league debut for dominguez and we go to the last of the eight gutting it is candidate thing phillies on the camby are northern california honda dealers radio network fits in brooks show highwire entertaining i got to secret trains that i told you why don't we a lot about your drinks one the warriors championship okay getting that titled.

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