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Racial justice Berra says her comments that we cannot wait to bring in about change have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response hundreds of people responded on our internal on site for communications and I've had dozens and dozens probably on you know over a hundred individual emails from our employees and suppliers and dealers all around the world with support and and sharing that same frustration at that we can't let this keep happening we need to drive real and lasting change and recognize that the you know there are systemic issues that need to be addressed there are tell CNBC that she's doing a lot of listening to African American employees and that will influence future company policies things are still positive on Wall Street this afternoon how the stocks on the Dow or up twenty one points the S. and P. is ahead almost nine traffic and weather is next W. J. R. news time to for WJR news time approaching two oh five time to check traffic and weather this report is sponsored by compassion international we're all feeling the weight of covert nineteen but for kids in poverty around the world things are becoming desperate join compassion international will provide for a family in poverty make your one time forty dollars via text hope to eight three three nine three you'll fly rockets such a working with only one lane open on the south Phil freeway in both directions at Michigan Avenue you'll find about a ten minute delay in both directions there's construction with the lays along eastbound I. ninety four between twenty one and twenty three mile road also the westbound I. ninety four exit ramp to Morales is closed down for construction try exiting a catch you or Alan Avenue as a good alternative hi Pete spy that W. J. R. traffic and weather first this report is sponsored by unbound dot org right now there are young people across the world facing a tough choice continue their dream of education.

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