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Wrap up the trading day on Wall Street. Good afternoon. David Johnson kid after do Chris our, you know, they're just never easy anymore. This was another beating I it was exciting. But a beating three hundred sixty eight points up at the best reading then down two hundred two at the worst reading of the day, and we closed little closer to the bad side. The good side. Dow was down fifty three points at twenty four thousand three seventy the NASDAQ was up eleven the SP average was virtually unchanged point in the broad market less than three hundred more stocks down than up. So actually as I look at it. I guess this was more of an unchanged marketed. Anything else volume was lighter than normal nine hundred eighty three million shares does it was an exciting day. Dow early on Wall Street seem to be seeing the good side of everything there were some power. Positive comments and speculation out of China. Maybe there were gonna cut the tariffs on US made cars and some Chinese officials in talk to the US officials, and they were working at a time line. And then in France macaroni had pledged hiked the minimum wage and also promised them tax relief. So they were coming down the UK's bought some time can like we did with the budget. They've kicked the Brexit vote down the road to January twenty first. So the pressure's off on Brexit. So we paved the way for a pretty good rally, and we had it was faltering a little bit. And it was just kind of running out of steam. And you're it was about the point where you sit and see are we going to, you know, be selling into the strength. Are we gonna by the strength to get this thing turned around? Well, they started selling into the strength, and it seemed to coincide with a really just bazaar fight. That was going on a verbal fight. There was going on a Bong Pelosi and and Schumer and the president of the United States and it played out before cameras, and it was very vocal. And it went on for ever like fifteen minutes, and it was all about shutting down the government and add the votes coming up. And that's another one of those things that always kicked down the cans kicked down the road. Yeah, we have you know, a budget resolution that's continuing and we'll talk about this later on. But now the question is will they shut down the government at the end of the week if the walls not included in they were obviously fighting about that. So this was really not on the list of things that wall. Street was worried about it till around eleven fifteen this morning. Did we got really worried about it? And it killed off the rally crudes up seventy two cents fifty one seventy two goals down a dollar and a half at twelve forty seven ninety ten year rates up to two point eight percent. So after being way up and then big way dad, we closed kind of mixed with the Dow down fifty three, but the NASDAQ up eleven we're getting those mixed signals on the economy to take for example, the national federation for independent business small business optimism index. This things been coming out for decades, and it's really uncanny. The number that came out today was strong anything over one hundred strong. It was four point eight. But then we're supposed to be one. Oh seven. So are they getting disappointed, and they're the big drivers of the economy? We're going to talk to the man who who puts together, William Dunkelberg. Dr William Dunkelberg, the chief economist for the NFL tonight at six twenty ounce. CEO spotlight. David johnson. Newsradio eighty KRLD. Yes. There is the possibility of some snow in our forecast later in the week. We'll get the very latest for Maria Mitchell, an NBC five, traffic and weather.

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