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Because guess what? We have a very special guest. Now, if you are a fan of the Apprentice, you're gonna know this name immediately, and I had made a new friend last year, and his name is George rocks that were going to say President Trump's gonna care for President Trump's really busy right now, however. George Ross, who was president Trump's right hand made for 47 years. He was is a real estate attorney. Very famous real estate attorney Hey, wanted to go into retirement and Trump wouldn't allow it. He could You come back to work with him? They had a really great relationship for years and years and years, however, he's retired, and he does a lot of coaching. And he when I invited him, he and I became friends over the years, I said, You know, George You are so fascinating and the things that you know, and the stories that you have and the experiences you have, whether it's investing. He's an author of two books, the marketing he teaches marketing. In New York. I said You are just a plethora and of enjoyable information. And I said, I think my clients would just love to hear from you. Would you consider coming on and doing a Q and a During our quarterly economic outlook, zoom or virtual zoom, and he said, Yeah, yeah, that's like, okay, Well, this is gonna be too much fun now celebrities. They're just lining up. We had Charles Payne and fall of last year Now we got George. Right now. We've got George Ross. And so I can assure you without a doubt, this will be the one of the most enjoyable Um, resumes that you have ever done because not only do you have David and I, but you also have George Ross. So for those of you that would like to get registered right away. Go to chapel would dot com That's chapel with dot com to Peace. One l click the large banner on the home page that says Register. Promise you I have had more fun with him this last year than anybody, And I can't tell you. How long is just delightful. If you have a question, you can email it to us. And simply just email it to office at Chapel with dot com. Anything that you want to know? And he'll answer anything. Any kind of questions that you wanna pose. I even asked him. I'm going to save it. I gotta tell you what, you see the questions, I ask you. There's just so much fun and it's about business. It's about the economy. It's a bad You know, he's lived a long life in very successful with some amazing people that he has met. So you don't wanna miss it. Mark your calendars. Wednesday, February 17 from 3 30 to 5. It's statement and I and George Ross, so divan friends is where we couldn't go. That's right. That's right. Right. So I really want you there. If you have any questions about it, you can call us at four or 53480909. I promise you He's going to share wisdoms. Miss takes knowledge successes he's experienced in the last 70 years, so the band has got He's got some stories. And if you have a question, please just let us know looking forward to it. It's time to take a quick break. And when we get back, we still have a lot more to share. We're gonna tell you what has us excited for the rest of this year. We're going to talk to you about some opportunities this year and will even delve a little bit into the new covert relief bill that was just signed into law about a week and a half ago. So stick around you're listening to it's all about the money, honey. Ladies, This is for you, The financial diva here you might find this hard to believe. But did you know that as women? We have a 90% probability of managing our finances all alone. Women control 60% of the wealth of the U. S right now, and that's on Lee going to grow. We can't afford to be passive participants in our finances, and we certainly can't be passive in controlling our financial and professional lives, either. The statistics got me thinking. How can I God women to become top professionals in their industry so they can join the elite money makers of our time..

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