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Bills up on cbs sports radio charity back with tablet at how everybody you're a really well you know her jeered of your richard deutch yeah dinesh richard deitz hughesy and uh i might be probably what are your only callers on this but i enjoyed the olympics and i enjoy the olympics 'cause it's something different it takes a break from the normal four sports that we seem to follow here in the states and so you know you got alpine skiing in deluge skeleton uh speech is just something different and i think they are phenomenal athletes i think uh a little bit more should have been paid attention to them but you know i guess whatever moves the needle on sports talk radio okay if you've got exports are critique i'm just we and honest dan and i'm going to olympic guy from the time i was ten years old i thought the olympics were like the biggest thing and i was going to be an olympic athlete someday and to represent my country would be i just as big a desire to be a an olympic athlete as an nba player major league baseball player or any other sport and i've stayed loyal to the olympics and i'm just honestly tell ya for some reason they didn't capture my attention i didn't put it on and stay tuned for three straight hours like i add in previous olympics i don't think it was anything other than it just didn't grab my i'm not down on it i'm not saying it was bad if you enjoyed it more power do you retain nbc did a lousy job yeah the us and he can't win all the metals all the time but they did nab a great olympic overall they didn't even finish in the top three of medals um the for whatever reason it didn't move the needle for me so yes since it's my show i probably talked about this olympics less than i've ever talked about the olympics in my thirty years on sports talk radio no absolutely satisfied on your your show or anything yet and it's pretty much prevalent in all sports talk radio and it's just seems like most people.

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