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So it just happens to be They were doing a second leg regular pretty. Bells, and men gluten free. Ferdie Bill no they're. All gluten free that's what I'm saying they put all. Their money into gluten free fruity pepper the one percent for the one percent who. Really need it beyond the, one percent, like I have a friend their kid one of their kids. As the whole family just, gluten free so you picked up. Four four for the price of one so you're probably gonna run into that as parents are making their kids gluten free or not having a, meet, as much. Gluten that there's like well screw it we're just going to go. All in to. Pick up every family that makes sense so a whole family would go gluten free if one of them has silly because you're not gonna make. Dinners for everybody who in your, family so you're saying? This, really. Smarter the fruity pebbles people yes The best serial number one I know lot of girls who are a lot of my, friends, who are. Gluten free that don't have to be gluten free but said it. Makes their stomach. Feel better they think yeah so I'm like I go with it okay so they ask for gluten free cries people ask for gluten free that. Don't need it but is not, necessarily means that it's? Healthy To me I think that's why. Fruity pebbles put it on the box just because, people will buy it more basically selling candy Boxed, up a serial, and they put gluten, free. On, it and then you go. Oh this is good, for me this is healthy but being. Free, I. Can eat this. But okay your doctor not, a. Doctor you are a doctor but your doctor that I've been to. Yes yes and no Dr, Blanchette, my primary. Care physician yes he tested. Me for act because I? Was having, some stomach issues and he said in these Nope you're not so you're fine as it should I go gluten free he. Said you have to be careful with, gluten free because it doesn't necessarily mean. That it's better for you because I know. That so he told me except Mike boy everyone always talks about being gluten free, maybe maybe it'll make my stomach feel better we'd an article last week that. We didn't get to about the gluten free diet and. They pointed out that such a small percentage of people are gluten free but. A lot of people eating the gluten free diet they said you could be missing out on a lot, of nutrients Got your body needs. I've got an answer for you courtesy of our pal. Pam she didn't want to stick around but you to pass along Pretty pebbles like Rice Krispies treats. Is made with rice so it's by definition gluten free they're just. Letting you know so all posted here, was put a stamp on the box they didn't. Change their recipe or put any or removing the. Ingredients there are always gluten. Free, and great and now. They're letting you know they're gluten, free so you're saying. That, white rice is gluten free I, dunno according to pay Pam I know that I would just wonder. Because that's the main staple of the diet I. Don't see color Mike Korean diet Creeds eat only. Rice type cereal cocoa Chris. But they eat rice for breakfast lunch and dinner regular rice regular rice cereal it'd. Be terrible he's put, sugar, on it Rice Krispies I pretty good have you had rice with just like milk and, sugar on it we used. To have that when we good with sugar her puts a lot of sugar or used. To Shaq, Barrett came in one time and, said he's making, his diet, better he's still. Put way too. Much sugar on my spaghetti My family? Started doing. That when I. Was a kid put sugar on my grandfather did it and then? Everybody started doing it I don't I used to when, I was a kid well put it on the air put it on the sauce on the, top it's real sweet it's. Flipped why won't you just put maple syrup in there I, mean it sounds amazing I also. Could make. The case that you put melted cheese on, just, about anything if it's good, jeez it'll make it better melted cheese on. Just plain noodles. Is what. My friend used to do in college why not And it was it was like. Oh yeah MAC and cheese eggs like me what you couldn't put melted cheese on that would, maybe we'll. Do, it on. A birthday cake. Fruity pebbles yeah, probably not In a heartbeat like nachos good Nacho cheese but if you're lactose, intolerant tolerance. For, you then And I wanna be friends with you are you, lactose intolerant yes you think? You. Are, well I know I am to a point not completely but and he's been diagnosed yes well. That, really. If you still have lactose, that could be. Way makes many trips to the facilities yeah, exactly Up there she goes you're just. Ran, up Takeoff already. Four twenty Twenty-three Broncos depth chart came out I. One. Of the year. Looking over, it here no well Jeff Hier men is number one on the depth chart at. Tight end and he's heard I. Think they did that just because he's the the veteran of the group devante Booker they number one at running back there. Are lot of people speculating. Royce Freeman, may, be. End up being the starting running. Back for the Denver Broncos Bradley Chubb ahead of. Shaq. Barrett And, Shane Ray Shane Ray both even though every practice I've been to Rick Shane Ray has been. In there ahead of him Bradley, Chubb the fifth overall draft pick in so you know. You got some status going in with that although Shane Ray. You're right has been running with the number one more than Bradley Chubb has been anybody else Airman hire men I mentioned Isaiah MacKenzie certainly caught people's attention as. The number, one Palmer charity but Vance, Joseph was quick to say, if Jordan Taylor were healthy he would be. Listed as an umbrella returner Philip, Lindsay number one kick returner but, then he and Dave Williams both listed as fourteen, running back behind. Daniel Henderson Booker and treatment it's looking more and more like Lindsey is gonna make. This team I think he's going to. Make the team I hope so, not not the practice squad I, think he's going to be on the roster they're, all a little. Different but the biggest difference that he has is he's the fastest He is the, fastest of the five running backs and that's the. One thing that you can't hope any of these guys. Get faster that was maybe a knocking. C. j. Anderson is that even if. He did break a run for eighteen yards it wasn't going to be for, fifty eight yards I'm intrigued with the running back group that they have I like I like. All of them you could make the case at all five of them could make. The team not all five together that, seems unlikely but that any of the five. Could make the team in any combination in. All the fiber probably still a part of this. Organization at the end of. Training camp in preseason I think unless somebody picks them up But I think you'll try to hide one of these guys on the practice squad. Because I I like all of them Maybe devante Booker I don't know what you do with him if he if, ROY Freeman beats them out I don't know Devante I I still think Royce Freeman is the end up being the primary ball carrier devante being. The backup zooming he can pick, up a pass rush Royce Freeman ends up as. Your. Number one true cut clear-cut number one starter then are you? Sitting, there going okay if he's going to be our guy and we've got the, other young guys did we just move on from? Booker candidate trade that's that's what I wanna pause there. For a second that was what. I, was thinking like what do you do with Booker then if Freeman beats out unless it's gonna be a. Fifty fifty split we. Like them both we're, gonna ride Freeman and then when he slowed up de ngelo Henderson and people don't realize it's about. The Angela Henderson I'm taller than him and he's not the biggest. Guy out there. Sure you are Oh yeah I too late five. Eight to ten I really like. Him, he looked really good last year in preseason I was surprised all year they didn't give him an opportunity. Devante Freeman has been. The best running back, in the NFL over the last three years in terms of total yards he's five nine to a. Very similar player and danjus five eight zero eight maybe Dangelo could. Be. That guy We'll take a.

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