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If you go to a bowl or hawks game, or one of these summertime concerts, or some big concerts, come into the United Center, the Rolling Stones Jlo's coming, some good stuff. So head to swift and sons before. And after you'll think later, you'll love the matchel higher the magician to come by your table. You're gonna get a great steak some outstanding seafood. They have an award-winning pastry. Chef that crafts, these great. I said, crafts, these great desserts, Kevin, and rob from the Boka restaurant group just named the restaurant tours of the year. Congratulated them checkout, swift and signs today. I'm gonna give you guys because a rotten tomatoes. I think I mentioned this on the show earlier in the pre show. Fistfight. There's a movie that we saw. That's free right now Finnity called searching, the name of the movie is searching, its with John show. Remember him wasn't he in Harold and Kumar's weren't? He writing a cheetah. He's a serious Rowley plays a father, any sixteen year old daughter goes missing the cop who tries to help him Debra messing. This is very highly rated on rotten tomatoes. It was a very good movie. And the whole thing is set on computer screens, and smartphones the way shot, you'll like it. Thank me later on that one as well. What do you guys have what are you watching for do? I even need to say it. Sylvie. Tomorrow afternoon. Central. It is the Super Bowl of soccer Champions, League final ham boys tomorrow, two PM central on TNT. There's nothing else going on this weekend. This is all that matters shows, right? Finals backups cardinal. This is really. Waiting force. Over after this. No soccer's have the shortest off season. They have like a two month off season back, this is the the final game season until August. Besides game to the NBA finals on Sunday nights on ABC, which is here, right here on.

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