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Luna really great Kerry. Yes this is our last episode of the year. Old Boy a boy. Oh boy I can't believe it. This means the New Year is on its away and that means New Year's resolution do you do you do new year's I do. I know I know you and I have talked about. I know I'm not into them. I just think doc I'm not into like two thousand twenty. I'm going to start working out. Two thousand twenty eminent eat less saturated fats. Who I'm very into like like resolutions of the past and I and I do actually make a list every year spreadsheet it is not? It's usually ain't notes in my phone. Got It but in the past. It's been like you know. Take a moment of gratitude every day or don't let fear stop you from you know work through your fear like stupid Enzi parade poster kind like hey in there at the cat on a whole. I don't know I'm just not like give up this kind of person. I'm more like sort of I. Guess what you were saying. Be Mindful of what your actions are deserve better way to do it. Do you ever notice people do dry. January's this yeah. Oh my God. So many people do dry January. I don't WanNa know about it. I do not want to know about. I know there. Is there a name like Movember. Oh Van Bor. I think it's dry January. That doesn't have a good ring to it no it. Has You know why because it's dried January. There's literally nothing to look forward to in January. So you're in any way the one thing that New Year's Eve does that count 'cause you might think New Year's Day is when it starts. I know but generally starts at midnight. I think if you're awake wake you're fine if you woke up at midnight your your sleep airway if you go to sleep on New Year's Eve at eight PM and wake up at twelve. I guess you can't start drinking that if you're participating in January I need to know the ball buster you just like when is it. The stat was no but I honestly I want nothing to do which is drinking. I've given up during before. I did a meditation thing where I give up drinking for like like a really long time really long almost a whole year. Holy Sh- Nike Yana. Wow really yeah how. `Bout Learn learn something new. I like that I like that too. I think that's a great resolute. I'M GONNA learn how to drink just getting credit ear US S. cocktail. What would you learn? Honestly I don't know what I've been having math common core all right so to wrap this up give me one resolution for this twenty twenty twenty twenty. I'm going to be more present with my child and put my phone down. That's really good. I think I think mine. I think I'm GonNa copy off of that and because it is something I've been thinking about is be more present with Sebastian. Be Less. Oh you're such a pain in my but and this is so difficult and more like I'm only having one and I won't appreciate this day and remember it forever. Yes all right. I'm going to hold you to that okay in March. I'M GONNA CHECK in March. That's very far. That's a really tough resolution by March. It may have been long gone. Check in with me like two weeks into January. He you know what I mean. I'll talk tomorrow. I would check in with like January sack. Okay okay. Great Confession Time. I'm.

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