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That was catalina. Martinez catalina is regional program manager for noah's office of ocean exploration in research at the university of rhode island. She spent many years sailing on research vessels as expedition coordinator for managing partnerships at the university of rhode island and working as regional liaison for the program she also consistently seeks to increase representation of minorities and women in stem and hopes to increase potential for life success for individuals born to challenging circumstances in recognition of this work. She was honored by the ywca as one of their twenty fifteen women of achievement in rhode island for promoting peace justice freedom and dignity. She also received the twenty sixteen noah ocean and atmospheric research. Eeo slash diversity award for exemplary service as well as the women of color in stem diversity. Leadership in government award historic later so grateful to brennan catalina for sharing. Their stories with us story is also very grateful for the support of science sandbox assignments family initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science. This podcast is produced by me. Aaron barker with assistance from story quarters. Deputy director nisa greenberg and senior podcast editor. John chen special. Thanks goes out to gliders board our interim executive director. Leslie grease buck scholtz our operations manager lindsay cooper and our new marketing manager. In a kisha roberts washington without whom none of this would be possible stories featured in today's episode from shows produced by emmy oak. Kala me peggy. Regan lives neely and gasoil monte. Our theme music is by ghost. We'll be back in july with a very special series of stories called human nature about our relationship with the natural world including stories about climate change ecology environmental justice adventures in the field. And more. until then thank you for listening..

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