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The show fear fest merch please wear their fuck lewis all right oh by the way way to try to get out of it christine is trying to get legion skanks to win the three basketball tournaments so what you do she booked team and philip sam tripoli flights later than the three hundred basketball term starter so nice try a picnic brennan's e c i'm picking up dana show neil one of them is in in time although i think you got them in later too nice try listen just fucking play favorites square don't change the playing field we're gonna be basketball if you wanna fuck in work out and play a lot before he play fine that's working the system to getting tibo jin tripoli flown in too late for that's bullshit on picking up trip renan's here on the show enough times and finish neo also been on the show enough times if not that maybe cannon maybe cana you've left me no choice punch will survive punchdrunk will survive as a podcast might not survive this might be the last episode to the one getting fest i'm just telling you guys right now could very possibly be the last punchdrunk we ever do so for sure calm it has been a long nice road if it goes this way but the people who are like just do without sam you don't know how i do work man sam triple star that podcast me jason tibo and sam tripoli together star that podcasts i don't just move on from people know so that's how the way it's going to work we're going to figure it out and that might mean fucking bring it to a close so we'll say so for sure come out to the one in skin fest big j's paying off his bet anyway let's finish the episode off what else we do and that's it right oh montreal i got not happening story they'll shows i got here ju that's it i'm also going to be on beddington panel on what's better elliott new york comedy it'll be in the live you know what dude podcast i might may not be on big j's crowd work shows you get tickets that either way if i m on it would be friday night just to tell you that is an item off i got stories on shows wednesday thursday friday saturday get tickets now they'll for sure sell out working on lineups i don't know and then europe city in become about the cap city i will get you guys great someone to open for me somebody great agent baluchi maybe it'll be graham excited back a cap city in september nineteen twenty second buy tickets now first time back since recording double negative but you got all watch i have a special call double negative ever courted act capcity yeah a lot of people don't cap city i rebuilt it you guys gotta make it look good you gotta make it look good i'll talk to you about it ours verse kevin psych episode three thirty shrimp new i think the new sh rube with kevin i so over and out pigment once said across the south we have a deep appreciation of history we haven't always had a deep appreciation of each other's history what is true in the south is true for mayor clem understood that justice grows out of recognition ourselves in each other the my liberty depends on you being free to that that history being soared to justify injustice or shield against progress but must be a manual for hot avoid repeating the mistakes of the pets break the cycle a roadway better he knew that the path of grace involves an open mind but more importantly an open heart that's what i felt this week on open heart that more than any particular policy or analysis is what's called upon right now i think what a friend of mine the writer marilyn robinson calls that reservoir of goodness beyond an of another kind that we are able to do each other in the ordinary cause of things reservoir of goodness if we can find that grace anything is possible if we can tap that race everything can change amazing grace amazing grace a may z we

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