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Good morning cancer. Today is saturday february. Thirteenth twenty twenty one the waning moon rises and pisces bringing fresh energy to the entire zodiac use. The small spark of inspiration to reinvest in goals that you've maintained so far this year. This is cancer today. A spotify original from podcast if you are feeling anxious depressed or overwhelmed better help offers licensed online counselors who are trained to listen and help connect with your counselor through secure video phone chat or text. Join the one million. Plus people getting help with better help and horoscope today. Listeners get ten percent off your first month at better help dot com slash horoscope today. That's better h e l p dot com slash horoscope today Let's begin your day. The moon moves through your ninth house bringing wanderlust impulsive ideas to your doorstep. It's a wonderful time to explore what you'd like to see the moment were able to travel again. Same now take a moment to reflect on your relationships do you have a crush on a capricorn bond. With them by sharing stories from childhood and talking about what makes you tick family oriented sign and they will swoon over photos of you as a child. Contemplate your path to personal growth. This marks a wonderful time to deepen one relationship in particular. Don't forget the momentum that you built last year fund social friendships serve an important purpose..

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