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With pre injured, so he played in the right circles because he knew that's where he would benefit from, and that's what we give him the asset he wanted to. You know I'm sure there's GonNa be a bunch of things they're going to be tossed out. The bottom line will come down to whatever evidence. This woman nets well can produce to provide leverage for herself. Jury's out on that literally, so we'll see what happens there. Something tells me you're not going to talk more about this in in the in the weeks and months ago. Yeah. Right well I I I don't know it's a it's so sordid. I almost wish we didn't have to. But on the other hand you know as a news item it's. Kind of fascinating, it's a slice of human life I guess that just you go what? In any way you know what gave a message solutions, great listeners and Waterbury about it right parents. Know exactly what your kids are doing. You know yeah waste. And and don't be afraid. You know to be apparent. You're not their friend, you the parent and and know who they're communicating. Know who their online with monitor social media chatter monitor all of it. That's where this stuff starts so strong lessons, everybody. Yeah that's. That's an important message. There Paul Begala of CBS I. Really Appreciate You joining me this morning to share it and. We'll talk soon. Thanks a lot. All right. Let's go to work with. We have a caller in a line. Is Fred from newbury still with us? Yeah. Good! Morning, frayed. Do you think the people responsible for witness protection can prevent. Maxwell from committing suicide. live course you're asking the question of what to Jeffrey Epstein. He was incarcerated and was suddenly dead. and. The official line. There's a suicide. A lot of people have questions about that. The. I don't know I. Who knows I mean they were not able to to prevent. The death of Jeopardy Jeffrey Epstein. Just. I, don't know it. It's really hard to speculate I. I mean I I hope so. You know if justice needs to be done here and and this this woman could be a key witness in bringing some justice. then let's hope. He stays alive long enough to do that and. I can't tell you whether she will or not. Obviously I don't have any any inside knowledge of. She does that suicide you'll be? You'll be the biggest scandal. The twentieth century. I mean. Well accepted. It's twenty first century Fred. Reports that you. Would get. would. Be believable I mean I can't imagine the government allowing her to commit suicide. If, they can't prevent it then they're inept. I you know the question is? Whether. The The Whether With one prevent you know there's another question Yeah, well, that's. Good. That's that's a good played game. Now my question is would you like to go into witness protection program. I know no I wouldn't. I don't want to live a life that were ever leave to lead me to be. Lead me to go into the witness protection program? I. Just, have had a I'd say fairly innocent life. I'm glad that it never hung out with Jeffrey. Epstein or Jillian Burge. Whatever name is Maxwell. and. I had an insulated Q. Look the other way. Yup! So I. You know who the heck knows I mean. I think that In some ways, this story is sort of a the salacious scandal that scandalous aspects of A. Kind of grossed me out, but on the other hand you know human trafficking is a serious issue. In our society, and if this woman was in in involved in a circle of human traffickers. you know I. Hope I. Hope she and Oliver. Cohorts Go Away for a long time, and that's pretty much the bottom you know, but what do processes important right so you're saying that I agree with you. She's got to have due process and did she commit suicide? Doesn't sound too good. Yeah, I mean. I agree I agree. I mean I. I hope that I I hope that folks are smart enough to realize. They basically just can't let that happen and. To have her die, following Jeffrey Epstein's death would be Just really On the other hand, then you have to ask yourself, so who would bring the consequences there you know. I mean you really didn't know heads of rolled that I? What's that? The federal government would have to be charged because I would imagine. The government is protector because that was a federal current. Well The federal would be responsible for her protection. The federal government projector, so she didn't have a trial. Something wrong! Yeah yeah all right well Fred. I gotTa go, but thank you for the call and. Let's keep our eye on this one. It's going to be a weird weird case for sure either way. Anyway, it turns up. Or use a weird case. I need a dose of happiness and I said to myself I know what I'm GonNa do I'm GonNa Bring on the program today. Ginny, Sassaman. A writer and UNITARIAN preacher from Callus who just produced a book called Preaching Happiness. Just joyful world and We need someone at right now, so let's talk to Jimmy Sassaman for this next bit of the day Graham Show here wd. Fm Am I believe. She joins us on the phone right now and genie I don't know if you knew this was going to be a rescue operation today, but might be happening. Yeah no question. No question. It was there an ancient Confucian I believe curse. May You live in interesting times. Are, interesting times we are in. Times and from from my perspective that is why. We need to understand and to nurture and cultivate. happiness both personally and fourth grader. Good more than ever. To me. It feels like the times are very. Precarious. But at the same time. FULL OF HOPE We were not headed down. Pat In so many ways. And, the people that were in is actually providing an opportunity. For us to move forward in a much more positive way and for me, that is where happiness comes in. Yeah, it's it i. i WanNa talk about the connection between a sort of the your personal happiness and your. And sort of social happiness, because you've been very involved in gross national happiness, USA and Efforts to promote happiness as a standard by which to measure. Social indicators so that's that's sort of a Mac. Yeah the macro level. Of happiness, the micro level of happiness, I've been reading in your book over the weekend and and finding you know many discussions about how People's own personal thinking in habits of thinking really can have an influence in their own lives and then make them a better. Participants in efforts to to enhance the broader social happiness so talk about that connection there between I guess I'm calling at the micro level in the macro level, but maybe a better terminology for it. An eight micro and macro works for me. I think of in mostly in terms of individual happiness and well-being and communal or systems change for happiness and.

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