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Fans. I know all the different generations brian slate. Of course the the founder of metal blade records huge iron maiden fan right from the beginning and then one of my favorite people both personality and in name the most iron maiden named man on the planet the editor of metal hammer. Merlin older slade. I mean come on man. Every time i never against the name free chanted it never does so you were born to be a main fan with that name. You had to happen. But let's just talk about this and we'll get right into bryan. You've been a maiden fan that we've talked with this w- since since what year did you get into iron maiden so nineteen eighty a friend of mine in sweden strategic trading scipion. Acdc live show from somewhere in europe on the end of the tape he said. Hey there's this new band call iron may just not something. I think you might like it. Put those songs. The end of this. A cdc alive short listened to that immediately. Well what is this. What is all this going. What is happening here. And that's just the new wave of british heavy metal in the whole thing whenever they just went crazy in from That day until today and probably for the rest of my existence are made is my all time here so i got involved. Eighty four power slave tour and growing up in canada. I was a little bit younger than brian. And you'd always hear about number of the beast and kind of the evil connotations of heavy metal. I remember going to ukrainian catholic camp with my cousins and probably eighty two and when the lights went out someone was playing number. Beast with the intro and all of us just being terrified that the anti christ was coming to kill us. All taft lakes that we were. But i really got to join the power slave record in nine hundred eighty four when that came out up until this day depending what you asked me my favorite band. If it's not metallica. Or the beatles. It's one of those three kind of the rotating trinity of favorite Heavy metal bands. Now about you merlin. When did you get into iron. Maiden i'm looking johnny-come-latelies Actually go in samedan on brave new out. Because i was a child of the new generation. So i kinda goi- into missile on bonds like Biscuits down slipped Right and it probably would have been through a copy of mohammed one of those magazines that i started reading about disbands who is legendary huddle but heard about a made it like they're such your night quotas thunder metal already at that point but i'll kind of read about how the original singer back to the phone the never releasing the new album and everything else so i wouldn't have picked up brave new world. That was it. I just went. Picks up everything else they've ever done and i feel fortunate to have come into point a classic era thousand up by dinner at that point feeling iconic. Go up with my second era which they've kind of been in since in my opinion site on the same as ut like if made an my absolute favorite time thereabouts for much on any given day. And that's and that's my point. That's what i love about. This and brian of i have discussed this being kind of from the old old from the first iteration of maiden which would be from iron maiden up until virtual eleven. Let's say the to blaze bayley records then. Of course some. Bruce returns the brave new world. This is the second glorious. But it's the second iteration of iron maiden that in a lot of ways as eclipse the i and it is cool to me. That's all i wanted to have you merlin. Because this happened when we did the ozzy. Classic album clash. We've been here from the start. You came in at the beginning of of the reunion and both innovations eras is probably the better term. Both eras are just as important and brian and she to address that being a tried and true card carrying member of the first era but also really understanding. What's going on frying made in the second era as well. Well yeah obviously. The ban was massively huge in their first incarnation. But both deanna all started. Off course bruce. Game in ignited monster next wave. And that's really from me. That i kinda ended in eight nine hundred ninety eight Adrian last even couple records after that were that had some good stuff on the overall. Were like every song was amazing whereas the other ones Right then bruce left obviously in that that definitely ended that era so i was happy when he finally came back as united as a main. I kind of lost touch with them. You know we really into that place bailey. Stuff that much baiting. Just kinda gone away. There's always hope from all this laden fans that at some point you know. Bruce and adrian might come back every still making music brusett adrian. A resell became friends again. Were making music again. And i think we all hopeful that at some point it was going to happen it would just make sense because you know those dies back in our may make the ban a lot bigger than they would be so when that came around. I was very happy and like those records. But it's interesting because when they first started putting out this the second year second generation of rusen adrian with made. I liked it but it wasn't like a huge fan. It's interesting as time has gone on at really warmed up to those records a lot. And then the last album booker souls book souls. Hardly my top army nouns. Long time the read the blacks my top five main something. I've kind of gone back now and listened to a lot of the second arab..

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