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You're listening to the market strategist chechen dancing seven seven five six six three seven in some room on the phones out a whole lot of time mortgage get to an email or two in just a moment uh but uh got some different topics i don't have the list so i couldn't tell you what's come up on the program tomorrow but that's gonna be something wonderful i can almost guarantee that house at a live with that okay all right i or or are we just make it up as we go along we've lived with that do we've done that too yeah no i don't know why but we don't makeup the answers we just make up the direction of the exactly exactly what y oftentimes what happens is won't will wanna talk about a certain topic at the top of the show will get a call and something else in a lead into something else we had a question on some of the four one and ross earlier in the hour we had a pretty good discussion last hour on these are a roth conversion strategies and when you should under do them how to undo them and when you should actually can of uh converter off when you might want to consider itself anyway attuning tomorrow will love find out more at today's trivia comes to us from the folks that td ameritrade td that's uh they they they tell us this the eighty one percent the eighty one one percent of grandparents the provided cash gifts to their grandchildren over the past year gave an average of two thousand three hundred eighty three.

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