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Up the issue of religious liberties as an p ours tom job to reports some congressional conservatives are backing a bill to protect people and corporations with religious objections to same sex marriage it all depends on what you mean by religious liberty conservatives one freedom for people who say their religious beliefs keep them from supporting same sex relationships a bill due to be re introduced in the new congress would bar the government from denying tax breaks to people are companies that won't accommodate gay couples opponents complained loudly that it would sanction discrimination against algae bt people but there is unanimity around a bigger issue of religious minorities persecuting around the world tom johnson in p r news washington authorities and north carolina say for people found shot to death that a home and wilson live that that residents the bodies a before were discovered by a family member on saturday afternoon investigators are still looking into the details of what happened and why wilson is about fifty miles east of raleigh stocks in japan in china end of the day lower with most other markets in asia close i'm dave mattingly and p r news in washington support friend b_r comes from him b_r stations other contributors include this become most got caught with online design tools to enable individuals and businesses to prep their message or logo on a variety of items including drink where told bags and hands learn more at discount most dot com slash and b_r marketplace weekend this supported by male champ join more than twelve million people who use male champ to connect with their customers market their products and growth or businesses every day more information at male champ dot com male champ send better email sell more stuff and by the ken data found working to advance individual dignity and sustainable communities through investments in transformative leaders and ideas can get a fund dot org.

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