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Zero. Be legal to and he came into the dugout. He threw his glove. Not once but twice. Mickey Callaway asked about the public display of emotion. Let them blow off steam guys get pissed all the little boy. It's tough when you give up a run the ball to leave. The infield always understands. So we'll see what they can do with this resumption of the suspended game. And in game two of the series that we Stephen Manson Daniel Ponsa pawns daily owned. Yes. Yes. Magellan. Pictured of Jacob degrom in the dugout like breaking every helmet lighting the dugout on just throw the book late him blow off. Some steam, let them be guys. Let them be he'll be done in a minute. Don't worry about it. You're bad on fire. It's okay, we'll get you a new one. We'll get you. That's in the budget. Don't worry about it. Michael Conforto at a two run Homer in this one. So the Mets are one up to now. Seventeen straight games at home with a home run, which is a franchise record. So at least the fence is a little bit, but not enough. Runs in the bullpen work from. I should've. And maybe tonight. Maybe it would be nice. I pitch homerun walk off and call it a day break. Seven ten start as previously scheduled for or were they in the Mets lineup tonight. You know, I believe I believe Wilson Ramos is leading off his wife won't show another sign about how she's pregnant minutes before he's supposed to step in the box amazing to me. Confidence. Spoke is not as confidence, but his focus. Yeah. They were pregnant and you have what their third child. Yeah. As he's in the on deck circle. And then he strikes out. He was either thinking one of two things, like, wow. This is great. Right. It one of those two things either way, tough to be focused on hitting mid-nineties fastballs. When you get that news delivered to you moments before, as far as the Yankees, go out in Chicago built an early four nothing lead against the White Sox. Jay said, yeah, no one, one swung on.

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